Neuroscience Degree Requirements

A total of seventeen (17) courses are required for the Neuroscience major offered multiple departments and colleges. A grade of  ‘C’ or higher is required in all 17 courses to receive credit toward the major. Students must earn a total of 128 CAS credits prior to graduation.

academicFive (5) core neuroscience courses:



Seven (7) basic science courses that will provide an appropriate background for neuroscience:


Five (5) electives from (see Course Worksheet for full list of electives):

  • GROUP 1: Neurobiology electives
  • GROUP 2: Cognitive Neuroscience electives
  • GROUP 3: Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience electives
  • Restricted Group

Note: The following elective requirements must be completed.

  • Breadth Requirement: At least one (1) elective must come from a second topic group (in other words, all five electives MAY NOT come from a single topic group).
  • Up to two (2) electives may be selected from the Restricted list. These courses do not satisfy the Breadth Requirement.
  • Research Requirement:
    • 1. Successful completion of NE 102 and NE 203


    • 2. Two (2) consecutive semesters of Directed Study as junior or Senior or Senior Thesis


    • 3. Upper level elective with lab component


Ten (10) CAS Required courses:

  • WR100 and WR150
  • Four (4) semesters of Foreign Language
  • Four (4) Divisional Studies:
    • Two (2) Social Sciences
    • Two (2) Humanities



Neuroscience Electives:

All course descriptions can be found on the CAS Bulletin.

  • Group 1: Neurobiology Electives

NE 230, NE 322*, NE 455, NE 545, NE 481, NE 554, NE 520, NE 445*, NE 525, NE 535, BI 599

  • Group 2: Cognitive Neuroscience Electives

PS 222, NE 234, NE 337, NE 338, NE 323*, NE 333, NE 528, NE 529, NE 544

note: you may not receive credit for both NE 337 and NE 338; PS333 not cross-listed as NE333 will NOT count as a Neuroscience elective

  • Group 3: Computational Electives

NE 360*/HS 361*, MA 565, CS 565, MA 421, CN 500*, CN 520*, NE 3X0*, NE 530, MA 578, CS 542, CN 510, CN 530-580, NE 449*, BI 502

  • Restricted Electives

BI 203, CH 203, MA 416, CS 111, CS 108, MA 226, MA 242, BI 315, CS 112, ENG EK 127

note: you may not receive credit for both CS 108 & ENG EK 127


Divisional Studies Program

The Divisional Studies Program requires six (6) one-semester divisional studies courses, two (2) in each of the three divisions outside the division of one’s major concentration. Divisional studies courses are accessible to non-majors and effectively serve as a broad introduction to a specific discipline. Additional information about general education requirements and both the Core Curriculum and Divisional Studies Program can be found here.


NE 401/402 Senior Work for Distinction (2 Semesters)
NE 391/392/491/492 Directed Study (2 Semester2)


Boston University Undergraduate Bulletin

Find necessary information regarding the College of Arts and Science’s practices and procedures in the undergraduate bulletin.