Columbus Day (October 12) Library Hours

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October12, 1492:  Christopher Columbus discovers The Americas for Spain, painting by John Vanderlyn

October 12, 1492: Christopher Columbus discovers The Americas for Spain, painting by John Vanderlyn

Many of the BU libraries will be open regular hours on Monday October 12. For information regarding a particular library schedule, please consult the Hours Page or phone the library directly.

Columbus Day is a federal holiday observed the second Monday in October to commemorate Christopher Columbus’ landing in the New World in 1492. In many locations across the country, Americans celebrate the day with parades.

RILM 101 or Expert: Make the Most of It Now

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Drop in for a one-on-one with Brett Kostrzewski this Friday and Saturday, Oct. 2-3, 11am-7pm, no appointment needed. Build your comfort level interpreting and navigating findings in RILM Abstracts (Repertoire International de Litterature Musicale), a comprehensive and specialized database of citations for writings about music in all genres, from all eras. Another benefit: familiarity with RILM’s vendor platform will fast-track you for using the Music Index and RIPM databases, both of which are also offered on the same platform.

Reminder for Students Taking SM151

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We wanted to remind you that the Pardee Library has created a research guide for your course. We also have business guides pertaining to company and industry information that may be helpful for your project.

If you need any help with your research, please contact the Pardee Library Reference Desk.

Reminder for Students Taking MBA Integrated Project

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ReminderIt was nice to see all the MBA Integrated Project students recently!  We wanted to leave you with a few links from the Pardee Library website that may be helpful to you as you work on your projects:

If you need help with your research, please contact the Pardee Library Reference Desk.

How to Access CAMP Materials

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The Cooperative Africana Materials Project (CAMP) is a partnership of research libraries worldwide with the Center for Research Libraries (CRL). Their goal is preservation of archives and materials throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. These materials are microfilmed and increasingly scanned. They include newspapers, journals, archives, monographs, government publications, etc. Materials exist in various languages, both European and African. 

Searching the Collections

The African Studies Library is a member of CAMP and as such, has access to CAMP materials. These are searchable via the CRL catalog, so you will need to narrow your search to access them. For instructions on how to do this, please see:

CRL catalog screenshot
Accessing the Collections

Physical items may be requested via Inter-Library Loan

CAMP is in the process of digitizing their collections; you will find a growing number of digitized materials, accessible full-text via the catalog.

Access is provided according to Boston University IP locations, this means that:

  • Access is seamless when you are on campus.
  •  Off campus, you will need to log in to the EZproxy server so that the CRL recognizes that you are a BU user. For instructions, see IS&T’s EZProxy page

Browse by grade and subject at PBS LearningMedia

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PBSLMPBS LearningMedia has launched a great new design of their free site. Teachers can customize the site to their own liking on a dashboard by adding favorites.  Tens of thousands of resources are available, including videos (some in Spanish), images, and interactive learning objects.

This is just one of the wonderful sites listed on our Resources for Teachers research guide.

WR150: Rhetoric of Freedom in America

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  What you need to know:


  •   Sign In after your first search. This allows you to keep a record of your search strategies and results using the e-Shelf – simply click the mark image by each record you want to save (saved items = marked)
  •  BULS searches for books, articles, and other formats such as government documents, dissertations, short news articles and images. The results list will be a combination of formats sorted by relevance. Each result indicates that it is available either in print or online — or sometimes, both. findinlibrary = print
  • BULS does not search most newspapers (such as the New York Times); BUT we have other databases that cover newspapers and more.
  • To refine searches use quote marks to retrieve phrases (“gettysburg address”) or consider looking for keywords only in the title (as opposed to looking in the full record.)
  • Need “peer-reviewed journals”? No problem!

Use subscription databases…

for focused genre/subject searching

maroon_arrow1 Looking for historical newspapers? We have New York Times Historical and others (see the Newspapers Guide at


maroon_arrow1 Looking for articles in history journals? Use America, history and life (Online)

Use eShelf or RefWorks…

to save your research

maroon_arrow1 Easily save all your research references and access them from anywhere.

maroon_arrow1 RefWorks bonus – create bibliographies and insert them into your papers in the format you need – APA, Chicago, MLA, and others.

maroon_arrow1 Download ProCite to integrate RefWorks with your word-processing program.

100th Anniversary of the First Inaugural of Abraham Lincoln Commemoration Committee ActA Lincoln dialogue

Check out the BU Sustainability Festival tomorrow!

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Join us for the 2015 Sustainability Festivals!
Charles River Campus at Marsh Plaza on Thursday, September 17, 2015
Medical Campus at Talbot Green on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Charles River Campus Festival:
Connect with leaders of the BU Environmental Leadership Network—24 clubs, from BU Vegetarian Society to BU Outing Club. Discover how to get a free home energy audit. Join the Challenge to reduce your environmental footprint. Get a new standard LED light bulb when you bring less-efficient incandescent or CFL to swap with us.

Bike & Pedestrian Safety: Register your bike or get a free “Ride Ready” safety check by local bike mechanics. Lots of free swag including helmets, lights, and other biking gear. And enter for your chance to win a bike and other great prizes.

Medical Campus Festival:
Discover how to get a free home energy audit. Join the Challenge to reduce your environmental footprint. Get a new standard LED light bulb when you bring less-efficient incandescent or CFL to swap with us.

WR100: Feminist Bioethics: Women’s Health and Justice in Contemporary Medicine

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WR100 Feminist Bioethics, Prof. Lee, September 22, 2015

surrogate motherhood * end of life * violence against women * clinical ethics * women and health policy

Scholarly LiteratureLIBRARY WEBSITE

BU Libraries SEARCH
Search by keywords e.g. “surrogate motherhood and ethics” or  “surrogacy and (feminism or feminist)”

Globalizing Fem Bioethics
    Outsourcing the womb  bioethics and women



Database IconDATABASES

  • Philosopher’s Index
  • PubMed

          2015 Jun;43(2):179-91. doi: 10.1111/jlme.12231.
         The Bad Mother: Stigma, Abortion and Surrogacy.
         Abrams P1.
         Stigma taints individuals with a spoiled identity and loss of status or discrimination.
    This article is the first to examine the stigma     attached to abortion and surrogacy and
    consider how law may stigmatize women for failing to conform to social expectations
    about maternal roles. Courts should consider evidence of stigma when evaluating laws
    regulating abortion or surrogacy to determine whether these laws are based on
    impermissible gender stereotyping.
  • Web of science




Library Intro: WR150 (Kordonowy; Madsen Hardy)

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