Marianne Birthler

Marianne Birthler heads the state-funded body which manages the archives of the former East German secret police (Stasi). She was born in Berlin in 1948. She grew up in East Germany and was active in child and youth work for the Church, first in her parish in Prenzlauer Berg, then as a youth advisor in the City of Berlin.

After the Fall of the Wall, Marianne Birthler headed the Green Party/ Die Grünen as spokesperson in the German Parliament. In 2000, she was elected Federal Commissioner; her office preserves the records of the Ministry for State Security of the GDR in its archives and makes them available to the public. She is responsible for securing the controlled opening of the Stasi files and of the GDR’s secret police: files, index cards, films, audio documents, microfiche. It is one of the largest archives in Germany with a total of 180 km of records. (2009)










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