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Scheduling an Appointment

What do I do if I can’t find a tutoring appointment (Weekly or Single) for my course and/or an availability that works with my schedule?

If you are looking for a course listed under sections in search availabilities, but there are no appointments available, please continue to check back over the next few days.  Tutors add new availabilities each week and appointments often become available from cancellations throughout the week.  Please note availability will be very limited during the Study Period and Finals Period as tutors are not required to continue tutoring after classes end.  Any availabilities after this date will be for Single appointments only.

After you have continued to check TutorTrac for a few days and no appointments become available, you may use the Peer Tutoring Special Request Form to request that an appointment be made available to you.  If the course you are looking for is not listed, we most likely do not offer tutoring for it.  In most cases, humanities and upper level courses are not offered because of the type of material and the limited availability of tutors. However, if your course is not listed, you are welcome to complete the special request form above and we will make our best effort to help you.

Please note that we do not guarantee your request will be met, but we will make every attempt to help you.

Can I sign up for multiple Weekly appointments?

Not for the same course. ERC policy states that each student may sign up for ONE Weekly appointment per course per semester. However, if you feel you need to meet with a tutor more than once per week, you have the option of making ONE Single appointment in addition to your Weekly.

Can I sign up for multiple Single appointments?

If you have are only using Single appointments, then you are permitted to sign up for up to TWO Single appointments per course per week.

If you have already signed up for a Weekly appointment, then you may only sign up for one Single appointment per week in that course, in addition to your Weekly appointment.

Please note that you are only permitted one appointment per class per day.

How do I know if I scheduled my appointment correctly?

While a confirmation window will not appear, you will receive a confirmation email from the ERC shortly after you have scheduled your appointment that will contain the following information:

  • Your tutor’s name
  • Your tutor’s email
  • The date of your scheduled appointment.
  • The time of your scheduled appointment.
  • Reminders about ERC policy

You will also know you have scheduled your appointment correctly if you refresh your home screen in TutorTrac and see Upcoming Appointments.

Under Upcoming Appointments, Weekly appointments will look like this:
Upcoming Weekly Appointments
Single appointments will look like this:
Upcoming Single Appointments

How do I change my tutoring appointment?

If you have signed up for a tutoring appointment and then realize you are not able to attend, you must notify your tutor that you are canceling. Please see “How do I cancel my appointment?”

If you want to re-schedule your tutoring appointment, you must contact your tutor to see if that can be worked out with their availabilities. The tutor will then help to create a new appointment with you, if possible.

Canceling an Appointment

How do I cancel my tutoring appointment?

Cancelling a tutoring appointment is the same whether or not you have signed up for Weekly appointments or Single appointments. In either situation, you will need to email your tutor at least 24 hours prior to the start of your scheduled appointment. For more detailed instructions on how to go about this properly, read How to Cancel a Tutoring Appointment (.pdf).

I need to cancel my tutoring appointment; am I going to be marked as Missed?

As long as you email your tutor to cancel your tutoring appointment at least 24 hours prior to the start of the scheduled tutoring appointment, you won’t get a Missed appointment notification. If you do not drop your spot in the appointment by this deadline, it will count as Missed.

Missed Appointments

What does it mean to be marked as missed?

A Missed means that you did not attend a tutoring appointment for which you were scheduled. It is the policy of the ERC that once you have 2 Missed appointments, you will be unable to attend any future tutoring appointments until you have come into the office and spoken with one of the ERC’s professional staff about your attendance. If you feel you have received a Missed notification in error, please see the next question.

What do I do if I get a Missed appointment email, but I was at the appointment?

TutorTrac automatically generates missed appointment emails when a student does not sign in for an appointment.  If you receive an email for an appointment you attended, contact your tutor immediately.  They will let the staff know so it can be corrected.  If it is left as a Missed, it can impact your ability to sign up for future appointments, so it is important to notify your tutor as soon as you receive the email.  If you have any questions regarding Missed appointment emails, please contact Maggie Gordon.

What do I do if my tutor doesn’t show up for our scheduled appointment?

Please notify the front desk of the ERC immediately. They will help verify that the appointment is scheduled to take place and contact the tutor if necessary.

If I had Missed appointments last semester, will they be counted against me this semester?

No, your missed appointments only count against you for the current semester.  All missed appointment records are reset to zero once the new semester begins.

General Questions

Am I going to meet with the same tutor every week?

This depends on whether you choose to sign up for Weekly or Single appointments. Please review the Appointment Comparison Guide to determine which type of appointment best meets your tutoring needs.

How do I prepare for my tutoring appointment?

Preparation is very important to a beneficial tutoring appointment.  It will help both you and your tutor focus on the areas you are having difficulty with.  Here’s what you should do before your appointment:

  • Review and identify specific areas you are having difficulty with.  If you are having trouble, start by looking at the broader topics on the syllabus, reviewing past exams, homework, and class notes.
  • Let your tutor know what you want to work on before the session. You can include it in the Notes section in TutorTrac or send them an email.  Be as specific as possible. This will allow the tutor to come prepared as well.
  • Come to the session with questions you want to ask your tutor so you can be sure to cover the areas you are having difficulty with.
  • Bring your text book, class notes, or any additional material from class. Your tutor will not have the course materials available to bring the appointment.
  • Make sure you have attended class, done the readings, and attempted the homework, even if you are having difficulty with it. Your tutor is there to help you understand the material and work through challenges, but not to teach the class for you.

For more information on your tutoring appointment, visit “What to Expect.”

Will I get a reminder about my appointment?

You will receive an email confirmation once you have scheduled your appointment. You will also get a second confirmation email the night before your appointment.

You can also sign up for text message reminders about your appointments through TutorTrac. Simply click the Activate box located on the right side of the TutorTrac main page (once you’ve already logged in), and follow the steps.

How do I know if I logged in correctly at the start of my appointment?

Please wait for your tutor to arrive and log in to TutorTrac before you do.  After you sign in, select Peer Tutoring Center, the course you are receiving tutoring in, and your reason for your visit, click Continue. At that point, you will see the following screen. This screen confirms that you have successfully logged in for your appointment.

student logging in final

What do I do if I can’t log into TutorTrac?

If you’re trying to log into TutorTrac and it is slow to respond, please be patient and take a look at your web-browser’s progress icon. This is a good indicator that it is loading and might take a few extra seconds. TutorTrac tends to work best on FireFox and Safari.

For additional questions not listed on this page, please contact Michael Lantvet at 617-353-7077 or via email at

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