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The ERC is pleased to offer a free, noncredit, preparatory course in organic chemistry during the spring semester. Orgo Prep is led by dedicated and enthusiastic student leaders who have excelled in organic chemistry. The program runs for five weeks in the spring semester.

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OrgoPrep Registration will open on January 22, 2018.

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When you log in to select a section, click Search for Availabilities then select OrgoPrep as your center, then select OrgoPrep as the subject.  Sometimes the subject is slow to load, have patience, it will come up.

The course is designed to develop the study skills necessary to succeed in science courses at BU, particularly the College of Arts & Science’s Organic Chemistry 1 (CAS CH 203). There are no assignments, no grades, and no obligations. Our goal is to minimize the anxiety that is too often associated with organic chemistry and to help give students a leg-up on some of the material in an interactive, low-stress environment. We hope to show that organic chemistry is fun, interesting, and definitely not something to fear.

Each section of Orgo Prep is led by a pair of BU undergrads who have completed CH 203 and have an enthusiasm for organic chemistry. Each week, they will present a study skill and related topic that is covered in CH 203, and will lead students in practice problems and other engaging activities to help bring these topics to life. Every section will meet once a week for an hour and a half.

What is OrgoPrep?What’s Orgo Prep and should I sign up? VIDEO
Still not sure if Orgo Prep is for you? Check out this short 3 minute video to get answers about what Orgo Prep is, who should take Orgo Prep, why Orgo Prep is helpful, and more! Answered by Orgo Prep leaders, as well as students who have previously participated in Orgo Prep.

If you have any questions, please contact us at You may also contact Michael Lantvet at the ERC by phone 617-353-7077 or by email at


Learn about the 2017 Leaders:


OrgoPrep Student Co-Coordinator

Hola! My name is Kevin, and I’m a Junior majoring in Neurobiology and minoring in Psychology in College of Arts and Science. I come from Panama, a really beautiful country in Central America, and I love to play the piano, make drawings, and explore new restaurants during my free time. I can speak in Cantonese and Spanish too! So, if you are interested in talking about food, organic chemistry, or anything relating to medical school and life, feel free to come speak to me!

After teaching as an OrgoPrep Leader for a semester, I wanted to help lead this program that allowed me to realize how much fun Organic Chemistry is. My main goal as an OrgoPrep coordinator is to manage a program that can ease the anxiety of students taking Organic Chemistry by providing them with personal tips and tricks to succeed in this course. Moreover, by taking OrgoPrep, students will be exposed to the basics so they can be prepared for the actual infamous course. Students attending OrgoPrep can expect a stress-free and educative environment since there will be no grades or homework assigned. OrgoPrep has taught me the importance of Organic Chemistry and the art of teaching. So, I can’t wait for you to experience this amazing program!


OrgoPrep Student Co-Coordinator

Hi, I’m Vera! I am a senior in Sargent college, majoring in Human Physiology and minoring in Public Health. I am from a suburb in Maryland, right outside of DC and have lived there all of my life. On campus, I dance on a swing team and tutor high school students. In the past years, I have gone to Honduras as part of Global Medical Brigades and studied abroad in Switzerland in the public health internship program. When I’m not studying for exams, you can find me exploring all over Boston and making the most of my last year of undergrad.
This is my second year being an OrgoPrep leader. I took OrgoPrep as a freshman and it truly calmed my nerves going into orgo my sophomore year. As an OrgoPrep leader, I hope to pass along this sense of confidence that I felt and to create an environment where students are able to not only understand, but also enjoy the material covered. I am excited to meet you all and share the love of learning!


OrgoPrep Leader

Hi, my name is Annalise (or Anna) and I am a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Biology. I am from Southern California, spent the fall of my sophomore year semester studying abroad in Madrid, and am excited to be in Boston for another great semester.

This will be my second year as an OrgoPrep leader and I hope to take away the stress that is usually associated with organic chemistry. I am a visual learner so students in my class can look forward to diagrams and (extremely non-artistic) pictures to help you understand the more challenging concepts. I hope I can show you that organic chemistry can actually be an enjoyable subject and prepare you for your classes next year!



OrgoPrep Leader

Hi there! My name is Brittany and I am a Junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Neuroscience and pursuing a minor in Public Health. I am from New Jersey, born and raised, and enjoy playing the ukulele, reading and listening to music. I love traveling and spent a semester abroad studying in Dresden, Germany. I am excited to help lead OrgoPrep once again share with you al-kynes of tips and tricks regarding Organic Chemistry. I hope to provide you all with a firm and basic understanding of Orgo and what to expect from the class, so you can enter your first semester of Organic Chemistry with confidence!


OrgoPrep Leader

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I am from Wayne, New Jersey (home to two of the past Rockefeller Center Christmas trees and the best bagels in the world). I am a Psychology major and Biology minor in CAS and speak Farsi, German, and have been studying Italian for eight years. I took organic chemistry abroad in Dresden, Germany, and have visited about fifteen countries over the course of my short 22 years, so if you’re into traveling don’t hesitate to spark up a conversation with me! I also love sloth/pug videos so if you have any of those show them to me also.
I wanted to teach an OrgoPrep course to be able to make organic chemistry as stress free as possible. When I took OrgoPrep myself, I was able to overcome any fears that came with the idea of taking on orgo by learning simple tips and tricks that helped make the class a piece of cake. I am going to try to make my section of OrgoPrep a fun, relaxing, and productive time, just like organic chemistry should be!


OrgoPrep Leader

Hi! My name is Sylvanna and I am a senior studying Human Physiology with a minor in Public Health. I am from sunny South Florida and an avid reader of anything romance. My other interests include playing tennis and baking. On campus, I am a volunteer coordinator for the BU Red Cross and really enjoy volunteering at various events in the city.

I know how intimidating Organic Chemistry can be, but I will do my best to make you feel like you can conquer Orgo, stress-free. I definitely believe in using every resource available when learning organic chemistry, from things like Khan Academy to molecular models. Orgo can be super fun when you understand what you are learning, and I definitely plan to help my students feel this way by the end of each class! I can’t wait to work with you all this semester!


OrgoPrep Leader

Hi, my name is Amy, and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Chemistry: Biochemistry. I am from a small town called Bronxville, New York. When I am not studying for my classes, I am either watching Friends or exploring the city of Boston. Anyone who knows me can easily tell that I love to sleep and eat food. It is fun discovering the various cuisines that different cultures have to offer, but that is probably why I am so broke.
I am excited to say that this will be my first time as an OrgoPrep Leader. Due to this, I am eager to start the semester and spread my passion for Organic Chemistry with you. I was once in the same boat as most of you, so I am aware of the stigma surrounding this subject. Therefore, the goal of my role is to make sure you feel more comfortable tackling these topics so that you can actually understand and enjoy this extremely interesting field of study. Just knowing few tips and tricks from outside resources can tremendously prepare you for the fall.


OrgoPrep Leader

Hi! My name is Anastacia. I am a junior from Melrose, MA (a little suburb 20 minutes outside of Boston) majoring in Human Physiology and minoring in Statistics. When I’m not Orgo-Prepping, you can find me tutoring math at the ERC, working on projects for Reach Leadership and KDSAP, doing research on the pediatrics floor at BMC, or choreographing for and dancing with BU´s Irish dance group (..and if I´m not there, your best bet is Mugar).
It is no myth that organic chemistry is a tough subject. It really is kind of a world of its own. It has its own written and spoken language and requires you to think in a way you probably never have before. It’s easy to experience a kind of “organic chemistry culture shock” at the beginning of the semester (I most certainly did), and this can create a lot of unneeded anxiety and confusion. But this doesn’t have to happen to you! And it is my hope that in my class, I can provide you with the tools to gain this much-needed “orgo fluency” before the semester begins. My style as an instructor centers on making the scientific into something more colloquial, something that we can make sense of based on our own experiences and logic. I think learning organic chemistry this way offers a valuable perspective on the topic, different from the one you will get from your professor next year and definitely helpful in understanding it. It is also my hope that my class will be a collaborative environment where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and speaking up when something is unclear to them, so we can all tackle (stress-free!) the basics of organic chemistry together. I am super looking forward to working with you all!


OrgoPrep Leader

Hey guys! My name is Harsimran (or Simran) and I am a sophomore studying biochemistry and molecular biology! I am from western Massachusetts. In my free time I love to read, take pictures, and travel! On campus, I’m involved with research as well as being a member of the academic affairs cabinet in the student government.
This will be my first semester as an OrgoPrep leader and I am very excited to share my love for organic chemistry. As a freshman, I was unable to attend OrgoPrep, so I have a unique perspective as to what would’ve been helpful to have known coming into the class as it is fast paced. My goal for students is to approach organic chemistry in a stress-free environment and learn the fundamentals of orgo. I will help my students figure out effective study habits for this course as well as introduce resources that I have used in the past. I look forward to working with you all!


OrgoPrep Leader

Hello! My name is Mary, and I am from the far city of Boston itself, studying Health Science in Sargent. I am really interested in someday working in the medical field, and love learning new things. Some of my hobbies include painting, cooking, going to the movies, and working out in FitRec!
This will be my first semester being a part of OrgoPrep, and I am excited to help you all realize how interesting Orgo can be! With a little bit of help beforehand, you guys will have a greater knowledge before next fall. I look forward to meeting you all!


OrgoPrep Leader

Hello! My name is Rebecca. I’m a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences and I’m majoring in Biology and minoring in French. I’m a certified EMT and I work as a babysitter for families in the Boston area. Also, I serve as president of BU’s chapter of Project Sunshine, a club dedicated to providing recreational and academic resources to children receiving treatment at Boston Medical Center.
This is my first semester as an OrgoPrep leader, but I do have some teaching experience. I have worked as an LA (Learning Assistant) for BI107 in lab and BI108 in lecture. I also worked as a peer tutor for four years during high school. I took OrgoPrep during my freshman year and it was such a great experience. I know how valuable the opportunity was to me and I hope to provide the same thing this semester! My goal as an OrgoPrep leader is to use practice problems, diagrams, and hands-on materials to create a fun classroom environment to help students’ understanding. I hope to help you all get a solid grasp of basic orgo concepts, and to share tips and tricks that can be used to help master more complicated aspects later on. I’m so excited for this next semester and I can’t wait to meet you all!!


OrgoPrep Leader

Hi everybody, my name is Tanmay and I am a sophomore in Sargent College studying Human Physiology. I am from Tewksbury, MA, a suburb of Boston that is a short drive from BU. Some of my interests include soccer and karate. On campus I am a member of the ski and snowboarding club, I play intramural soccer and am peer mentor in Sargent College.
This is my first time being an OrgoPrep leader. Some of my goals include providing an environment that allows for students to feel confident and ready to take organic chemistry, rather than fearing it. Often many students such as myself hear awful rumors about organic chemistry, but with the right direction, organic chemistry can be an interesting subject. I plan to provide this environment all while preparing you all for classes next year.


OrgoPrep Leader

Hi, my name is Samir and I am a sophomore in Sargent College studying Human Physiology. I am from Bedford, Massachusetts and have grown up to be a big Boston sports fan. I am also a volunteer for the Global Smile Foundation. And overall, enjoy being involved in the Boston University community and providing help to other students.
This is my first year as an OrgoPrep Leader, however, I have experience with tutoring high schoolers and middle schoolers from my hometown. I try my best to incorporate visuals while trying to explain complicated topics in organic chemistry. I also incorporate certain examples for students to better make connections between organic chemistry and the real world. Because I took CH203 last semester, I include tips and tricks that better helped me in CH203. I hope to provide a safe and helpful environment during OrgoPrep that will lead to students’ confidence in their organic chemistry classes.

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