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The ERC is pleased to offer a free, noncredit, preparatory course in organic chemistry during the spring semester. Orgo Prep is led by dedicated and enthusiastic student leaders who have excelled in organic chemistry. The program runs for seven weeks in the spring semester.

OrgoPrep is now open for registration.  Read about the program below and if it’s right for you, click the ‘Select a Section’ button. This will take you to the registration site. For instructions on how to use the software, simply watch the short video embedded on that page.

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The course is designed to develop the study skills necessary to succeed in science courses at BU, particularly the College of Arts & Science’s Organic Chemistry 1 (CAS CH 203). There are no assignments, no grades, and no obligations. Our goal is to minimize the anxiety that is too often associated with organic chemistry and to help give students a leg-up on some of the material in an interactive, low-stress environment. We hope to show that organic chemistry is fun, interesting, and definitely not something to fear.

Each section of Orgo Prep is led by a pair of BU undergrads who have completed CH 203 and have an enthusiasm for organic chemistry. Each week, they will present a study skill and related topic that is covered in CH 203, and will lead students in practice problems and other engaging activities to help bring these topics to life. Every section will meet once a week for an hour and a half.

What is OrgoPrep?What’s Orgo Prep and should I sign up? VIDEO
Still not sure if Orgo Prep is for you? Check out this short 3 minute video to get answers about what Orgo Prep is, who should take Orgo Prep, why Orgo Prep is helpful, and more! Answered by Orgo Prep leaders, as well as students who have previously participated in Orgo Prep.

If you have any questions, please contact us at You may also contact Michael Lantvet at the ERC by phone 617-353-7077 or by email at

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Learn about the Leaders:

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OrgoPrep Co-Coordinator

about Kevin

Hi, my name is Kevin, and I’m a junior majoring in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology in CAS! I am originally from Portland, Ore., and originally-originally from the Bay Area in California. At BU, I’m Resident Assistant at 575 Commonwealth Avenue, and I work in the Tolan Laboratory studying the “moonlighting” functions of aldolase, a glycolytic enzyme.

This is my second year teaching an OrgoPrep section and my first as one of the Co-Coordinators. Students in my OrgoPrep section can expect organic chemistry in bite-sized, manageable pieces coupled with numerous practice problems for future usage, memorable study skills and lessons, and a supportive, learning-driven classroom.



OrgoPrep Co-Coordinator

about Kate

My name is Kate Topalis and I am currently a senior in CAS studying Biology with an Ecology and Conservation concentration and Hispanic Language and Literature. I am a marathon runner, a member of Global Medical Brigades, and an Alternative Spring Breaks Co-Coordinator, and I have taught OrgoPrep for the past 2 years before becoming a Co-Coordinator this year. I love to travel; over the past 7 semesters, I’ve visited Spain, Ecuador, Honduras, and Puerto Rico through study abroad and volunteer programs. I absolutely cannot wait for another session of OrgoPrep. Our classes are fun and interactive, and there are no tests, no homework, and no pressure. OrgoPrep is an opportunity to meet other students, become comfortable with the basics of organic chemistry, and learn the important skills you’ll need to master before you even walk into your first lecture. We’re here to help!



OrgoPrep Leader

about Talena

Hi there, my name is Talena and I am a junior majoring in neuroscience. I am from a small town in Northern California, but I am absolutely in love with Boston. I have had the opportunity to be a learning assistant and research assistant at BU, and a volunteer at BMC and BWH. I was also able to study abroad in Grenoble through BU’s French Studies Program last summer.

This is my second time as an OrgoPrep leader and I expect this year to be even better than last! Through this program I have grown as a teacher and our students have gained welcome exposure to the basics of organic chemistry. The class will give you a conceptual framework that will ease the learning process when you decide to take organic chemistry in college or take standardized tests like the MCAT.



OrgoPrep Leader

about Bianca

My name is Bianca and I am a sophomore studying Human Physiology in Sargent College while pursuing a Psychology minor from CAS. My goal is to work in the health professions, ideally as a physician. Through BU I serve at Boston Medical Center as a volunteer with Health Leads and also help lead the Childhood Experience and Cortisol Study through the Psychology department.

Students in my OrgoPrep section can expect to learn the fundamentals of organic chemistry in a pressure-free and fun environment. The class will be an open space for you to ask questions, work with your peers and be exposed to plenty of practice problems you’re bound to see again. No homework, no tests and in just a little bit of time you will have mastered the material before your first lecture!



OrgoPrep Leader

about Emily

My name is Emily and I’m a junior in CAS. I’m majoring in Biology and minoring in Public Health. I’m from a small town in Upstate New York but I’ve lived in Boston pretty much continuously since I started at BU. I also work at the Bryant Lab for Addiction Genetics, where we study possible genetic markers for substance abuse and addiction.

I love the ERC and all the different opportunities it gives me to help others during their college experience. I’ve been an OrgoPrep leader for a year, and a tutor at the ERC for two years. This experience has taught me that engaging students with the fundamental concepts of organic chemistry is a great way for OrgoPrep to help prepare students for CH203 in the fall. Additionally, I encourage addressing study skills/strategies and stress management, which I believe are equally important for success in organic chemistry.



OrgoPrep Leader

about Yu-Ching

Why hello there! I’m Yu-Ching (as you can probably guess) and I’m a second-year student majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB for short). A few quick things about me: I’m from rootin tootin fig Newton (Newton, Mass), I love photography, and the past two summers I’ve been a research student at the BIDMC Libermann lab studying the function of the Ets transcription factor PDEF in cancer cells.

Anyways, this is my first year as an OrgoPrep leader and I’m fresh out of the first semester of organic chemistry, so I can help y’all know what to expect the first few weeks so that you can have a great shot at that first exam (and subsequent ones too). No homework and no tests equals no stress, so don’t be intimidated. You’ll get to meet new people, see some (old) test questions, and learn some useful orgo. It’s going to be fun.



OrgoPrep Leader

about Melissa

My name is Melissa, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Biology. I’m from South Florida, so I’m still acclimating to Boston’s cold winters. This fall, I volunteered through the CSC’s Wizards program and performed fun experiments to promote my love of science to elementary students. Also, I’m an ambassador for BU’s Study Abroad office after studying in London and Paris.
In my OrgoPrep section, students can expect a non-intimidating introduction to the basics of organic chemistry. We will go through and break down practice problems until you understand the concept. I hope to create a fun and open learning environment in which students feel comfortable asking questions and discussing answers. Moreover, I’m willing to pass along my tips and tricks from my CH203 experience in order to help prepare other students.

Austin Liou


OrgoPrep Leader

about Austin

Hi, my name is Austin and I’m a sophomore majoring in Human Physiology at Sargent College. I’m from the historic town of Lexington, Massachusetts, and my personal hobbies include sketching, skateboarding, and science. Out of all the places on campus, you will most likely find me skating down Comm. Ave. to beat the traffic.

Given the notorious reputation that organic chemistry has, people can be a little nervous. But I’m here to help dispel that myth. I’d like to create a stress free environment where anyone can ask questions, get comfortable with the topic, and meet other students while learning techniques for tackling complicated problems. I’m a huge visual learner, so students can expect lots of cool drawings and activities. When you have confidence in something difficult, you can have fun doing it too. So if you love tinkering with puzzles then OrgoPrep is for you!



OrgoPrep Leader

about Audrey

Hi, my name is Audrey and I am a sophomore in Sargent College. I am studying Human Physiology, with a minor in Business Administration. I am from Southern New Jersey, on the real Jersey Shore. On campus, I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega and Global Public Health Brigades. I enjoy helping others and giving back to the community in any way that I can.

This is my first time as an OrgoPrep Leader. I hope to make my classes understandable, engaging, and even fun, which is not an adjective often associated with Organic Chemistry. I plan on breaking large concepts down into more manageable parts in order to make CH 203 less of a challenge. I just finished CH 203 last semester and am more than willing to pass along any tips that helped me succeed. I hope that students find OrgoPrep as a useful tool where they can review confusing concepts and further their knowledge and understanding of Organic Chemistry.



OrgoPrep Leader

about Jen

My name is Jennifer, and I am a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying biochemistry and molecular biology with a minor in French language. I’m from Albany, Oregon, an avid Irish-dancer, a member of BU’s improvisational comedy group Liquid Fun, and am excited for a new semester in the awesome city of Boston. I’m looking forward to leading an Orgo Prep section because a lot of the fundamentals from general chemistry fit together when studying organic chemistry, and sharing that information with students taking it later will make things much easier to understand. Orgo can be really fun, and I am pumped to work with students interested in the subject!

In Honduras 2015


OrgoPrep Leader

about Dallas

My name is Dallas, and I hail from El Paso, Texas. I’m a linguistics major in CAS and have studied French, Japanese and Spanish, but I can’t really speak any of them. If you want to talk linguistics, let me know, and I’ll be thrilled to do so. Also, if you want to show me a picture of your cat, I’d like that as well.

My biggest goal with OrgoPrep is to make organic chemistry an accessible field to you. If I could succeed in the class as a linguistics major, then you are fully capable of succeeding as well. We’re going to start from the bottom and make sure the whole team gets there.

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