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Part of the ERC’s mission is to help students connect with the sources of support that work best for them. Below, you will find links to the variety of support available through different departments at the University.

Please explore the following options to discover the resources that will best meet your academic needs. The ERC keeps these links updated with current information from the departments, so be sure to check back as the semester progresses for any updates.

Universal Resources

  • Professors, TF’s, TA’s, and LA’s are your best resource for your course.
  • See your syllabus for Professor and TF/TA/LA office hours and contact information
  • If you cannot make it to their office hours, try contacting them directly to arrange a different time to meet

A Learning Assistant, or LA, is a student who has previously taken the course and has returned to be peer assistants during the labs. If you need a bit of guidance on how to do well in the course or on the labs, they are one of your best resources! Don’t hesitate to talk to them because they are ready with hints about that specific course, other courses across the campus, or life in general!

Get together with other students in your class to arrange a study group. Study groups are a great way for students to pool their knowledge, review class topics and points of confusion collectively.

Please click here for a list of academic support and counseling sites listed by School/College.

Please click here for videos about time management, syllabus management, as well as course specific tips (including BI105, CH101 and CH203).

Biology Resources

Students who have successfully completed BI107 (in the Fall) or BI108 (in the Spring) and are former LAs hold review sessions prior to exams, hold open office hours, and have lecture notes available.

  • Additional information can be found by visiting your course website or by contacting Student to Student tutors who’s information can be found on the course’s Blackboard site.
  • You may also contact your LA or TF for more information.
  • If you have difficulties accessing the course website, please contact the Intro Bio Office (

Check out this video with tips from an experienced ERC Peer Tutor.

Check out this video with insiders tips from Dr. Co.

If you need additional support not listed here, please contact either:

  • Stacy Straaberg Finfrock
    Undergraduate Programs Specialist
    5 Cummington Mall, Room 101
  • Chenille Hogan
    Administrative Coordinator (Intro Bio)
    SCI 301G

Chemistry Resources

Chemia is primarily comprised of Chemistry Majors who have successfully completed a variety of introductory and advanced chemistry courses

  • Tutoring is offered free of charge (Please note these tutors are not affiliated with the ERC)
  • For more information check their website:

In addition to the other resources we’ve mentioned, CH101 has a variety of support that you can utilize.

  • Learning Assistants (LA’s) are present in your lectures and discussions and are there to help you understand the material being presented. They’re undergraduate students and they participate in the creation of materials for the discussions, so they’re a natural choice if you want some help working through the confusing parts of the class.
  • Also, office hours. It can’t be said enough that going to office hours is a key component to clearing up confusion. All CH101 students are encouraged to visit the office hours of ANY professor or TF in any of the sections. They are all available and willing to help you. Be sure to visit them, and not just before an exam. Refer to your syllabus or contact your professor or TF about their office hours.
  • Check out this video with tips from a few ERC Peer Tutors.

Professor Rubio hosts open help for all students taking CH203/211 on Sundays at the ERC. Come visit him in room 613A from 2-4pm.

  • This is open to any Orgo student; even if you’re not in Professor Rubio’s class!

If you need additional support not listed here, please contact:

    • Lauren Jett
      Undergraduate Academic Administrator
      SCI 299E

Computer Science Resources

The CS Department’s teaching fellows hold tutoring hours in the CAS CS department lab at 730 Commonwealth Avenue, EMA Room 302. Students in any CAS CS class are welcome to get help from any teaching fellow. You can find their schedule here.

Course Assistants are also hold tutoring hours available for CS111 students.  You can find their schedule here.

Economics Resources

The EC Principle’s Center is staffed by graduate students and is open 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Contact the Economics department for information about obtaining a private tutor.

  • Please note that these tutors are not affiliated with the ERC

If you need additional support not listed here, please contact:

    • Deb Kasabian
      Undergraduate Program Coordinator
      270 Bay State Road, Room 444

Engineering Resources

As a student of the College of Engineering, you have exclusive access to the Engineering Tutoring Center. The Center provides free tutoring in math, science, and engineering courses for all freshman and sophomore levels, as well as some junior and senior level ENG courses.

Contact the Undergraduate Programs Office at ENG for more information about obtaining a private tutor.

  • Please note that these tutors are not affiliated with the ERC

If you need additional support not listed here, please contact:

Ruth Elias

Academic counselor

44 Cummington Mall, Room 107

Math Resources

The Math Tutoring Room is located in Room 144 at 111 Cummington Mall.

Professor Meuser and Professor Snyder run Math Help Tuesdays from 7:30pm to 10:30pm in the Rich Hall Cinema Room starting September 10th. Be sure to bring whatever course materials you are working on with you.

Students who are using JMP, R, Matlab, and graphing calculators in their courses are welcome to utilize Coder’s Corner. This is a free resource provided by graduate students in the Math and Statistics department and is open to any BU undergraduate or graduate student who is new to the software(s) or has questions about its use. Coder’s Corner is focused on helping you understand the use of these programs so that you can apply those skills to your own projects. It’s best used by students who have questions such as:

  • How do I manipulate data? (JMP and R)
  • How do I plot data? (R)
  • How do I import data? (JMP and R)

If you need help understanding the basics of JMP, R, and Matlab, this could be the resource for you. However, if you’re looking for some tutoring in statistics and not the use of the programs mentioned above, please see the other options described on this page.

Coder’s Corner is held on Mondays and Thursdays from 5-6pm in MCS B24. You will need to bring your own laptop or graphing calculator if you’re looking for assistance.

If you need additional support not listed here, please contact:

    • Professor Dick Hall
      Director of Undergraduate Mathematical Instruction
      111 Cummington Mall, Room 267

Physics Resources

The Learning Assistants (or LA’s) in Physics are students who are there to help both in and out of class. They are a great resource to help you think through problems and can try to help you understand Physics from different angles. They are present in your lectures and discussions and keep their own office hours outside of class. Make their office hours part of your study schedule and utilize their knowledge and experience!

Many professors and graduate students hold open office hours at the Physics Resource Room.

  • 590 Commonwealth Ave, Room 121

Contact the Physics department for information about obtaining a private tutor.

If you need additional support not listed here, please contact either:

    • Courtney Clark
      Undergraduate Program Coordinator
      SCI 255
    • Professor Robert Carey
      Director of Undergraduate Studies
      PRB 375

Questrom School of Business Resources

Open hours are staffed by LOCK Honor Society members and are offered for all first and second year business courses.

  • Open hours are offered Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8pm
  • 595 Commonwealth Ave
  • Check their website for more information and the room location:

If you’re looking for peer assistance in FE101, your primary source will be the TA’s for your section. You might also seek out help at LOCK tutoring. Please utilize your Professor and your TA’s as well as the course information on Questrom Tools to help clear up any problems you may be having with the material.

If you need additional support not listed here, please contact:

  • Undergraduate Academic & Career Development Center (UDC)
    Questrom School of Business, 595 Commonwealth Ave.

Writing Resources

Please click here for more information about the Writing Assistance Program at the ERC. For additional Writing Resources, please click here.

If you have any questions, or you would like help determining which resource will be a good fit for you, please make an Individual Advising Appointment with one of our professional staff members.

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