Earth & Environment professors Knyazikhin and Myneni compile virtual book

The book titled “Remote Sensing of Vegetation Leaf Area” by Yuri Knyazikhin and Ranga Myneni is an edited compilation of lecture notes and key published papers covering the (1) theory, (2) data and (3) science of remote sensing of vegetation leaf area. It is built on more than three decades of research by the editors, their students, and close collaborators. The material is posted at, so anyone interested on this topic can download and use it in their pursuits. The first four chapters could, for example, be a basis for a graduate-level course on this topic. This could be supplemented by highlights from Chapters 5 to 8. The rest of the chapters (9-11) are designed to be self-study. The editors use this formula to teach a graduate-level course at Boston University (EE 645).

No acknowledgement or citation is necessary. The editors hope for wide use of this material to further education and research on this topic. The material will be updated once a year in December. Current version is dated December 2019.