About CURA


Thirty Years of Research, Education, and Public Scholarship On Religion and World Affairs

The Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs at Boston University is a world-leading center for research, education, and public scholarship on religion and world affairs.  It is dedicated to the examination of some of the most important questions of our age:

How do religion and values affect political, economic, and public ethical developments around the world?

Defying earlier forecasts, why have religious actors and ideas become more rather than less globally powerful in recent years?

In a world of increasing religious and ethical diversity, what are the implications of the revival of public religion for citizenship, democracy, and civil coexistence?

Founded in 1985, CURA has carried out more than 140 research projects in forty countries.  Its network of researchers and projects spans five continents.  Its projects have resulted in some 145 books, many of which have become major points of reference in academia and policy circles.  Under the directorship of Tim Longman, CURA continues to provide state-of-the-field research and scholarship on religion in an age of globalization and plurality.