Hub Course Development Stipends


For the BU Hub to fulfill the promise of the faculty’s outstanding work to create a framework and set of student learning outcomes, nothing will be more important than the creation of distinctive Hub courses that faculty are excited to teach and that students will find engaging and valuable. Recognizing the time and effort that high-quality curricular innovation will require between now and launch of the Hub for freshmen entering in Fall 2018, the Provost has committed substantial funding for stipends for new course development over the coming six months. Stipends will be awarded, on the basis of this simple application, to individual faculty members, pairs of faculty, and faculty teams who commit to developing and teaching substantially revised and new courses that address learning outcomes for one or more Hub areas. Special consideration will be given to interdisciplinary courses, both team-taught and solo, that develop more than one BU Hub area.

Types of Stipended Initiatives:

Stipends are available through participation in the CTL-sponsored one-day workshops for substantial course revision ($1,000), four-day new* course development institutes ($3,000) which will bring together faculty from around the university in productive conversation with each other, and three-day revision workshops ($2,000) that focus on the Hub area of Digital & Multimedia Expression. See the CTL BU Hub page for descriptions of these workshops and institutes. In addition, stipends are available for other means of course development proposed by individual faculty, groups or pairs of faculty, departments, and schools/colleges. Email or visit our website to explore and, if desired, schedule such customized course development activities. While consultation with the CTL is recommended, it is not required to request funding for Hub Course Development Stipends for new courses.

New courses are defined as any course that has never been taught before.

Eligibility for Stipends:

All faculty are eligible. Programs/Departments must commit to teaching the course at least three times in the next 4 years (beginning Fall 2018). Faculty are encouraged to discuss their proposed course with their department/program chair or director.

Applications must be reviewed and signed by the faculty member’s department/program chair or director, AND school/college Dean before submission to the Center for Teaching & Learning for approval. Applications must be submitted on behalf of the faculty member, group, or team, by their school/college Dean’s Office. Applications will be approved on a rolling basis beginning April 7, 2017. Once the course has been submitted to the University General Education Committee by the faculty member’s school or college, payment of the stipend will be authorized. The stipend is not contingent upon a course’s acceptance into the Hub; however, when necessary, it is expected that faculty will revise and resubmit their course proposal to the University General Education Committee until it is approved.

Stipend Amounts and Payment Options:

Hub Course Development Stipends are available as follows:

  • $1,000 for faculty participating in a CTL one-day workshop for substantial revision of an existing course.
  • $2,000 for faculty participating in a CTL three-day workshop for substantial revision of an existing course (with the specific Hub area of Digital & Multimedia Expression).
  • $3,000 for faculty participating in a CTL four-day new course development institute. New courses are defined as any course that has never been taught before.
  • $1,000 for faculty (individually or as part of a group) developing a new course independent of participation in a CTL-sponsored program.

When faculty participate as part of a team jointly revising a course or designing a new course, each faculty member receives the stipend.

Hub Course Development Stipends are available as the following options:

  • A one-time taxable stipend.
  • A one-time Research Fund contribution to be spent within the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) for which the award is made. (In cases where approval occurs late in a given fiscal year, awardees may prefer to postpone receipt of research funding to the following fiscal year.)

Application Process Step-by-Step:

  1. The Faculty member sends completed application and signed cover sheet to academic unit head or chair for review.
  2. The Department/academic program chair/director reviews the application, signs it, and sends it to the school/college Dean’s Office.
  3. The Dean’s Office reviews the application, signs it, and sends it to the Center for Teaching & Learning (
  4. The CTL acknowledges receipt of the application in an email to the faculty member.
  5. The CTL will notify proposers of the acceptance of their proposal, with department/academic program chair/director and Dean’s Office cc’d.
  6. Within 21 days of the course’s submission to the University Council General Education Committee, the CTL will authorize payment of the stipend. Payment will be administered through the faculty member’s school/college Business Office. Please contact your school/college Business Office with questions regarding the payment.

The Center for Teaching & Learning will provide extensive support of various kinds for faculty initiatives in new course development and revision of current courses for inclusion in the BU Hub program of general education. For additional information, visit the CTL Hub page.

For dates for our new open office hours, visit the CTL events page.

For additional questions, please contact

The Hub Course Development Stipend Application form can be found here.