MET CS 633 Distributed Software Development and Management

Prerequisites: MET CS 520 or MET CS 601, and MET CS 682
Delivery: Boston- Charles River Campus, Online
Program: MS CS elective, MS CIS elective, MS TC elective
Online Syllabus: CS633_OL_Fall 1 2014
OnCampus Syllabus: CS633_D1_EL_Fall 14

Description: During the first decade of the 21st century, a revolution has occurred in the creation of software applications. Low communication costs now allow many applications to be produced via geographically distributed development (GDD). In addition to the normal challenges of specifying and developing I.T. systems, GDD projects must accommodate differing cultures, time zones, and development methodologies. This course prepares students to justify, lead, participate in, and maintain such projects. Students study the technical and business implications of GDD. They also work in geographically dispersed teams to produce documented applications. No programming background is required. 4 credits.