MET CS 601 Web Application Development

For CIS Students: MET CS 200. Or instructor’s consent.
For CS and TC Students: MET CS 231 or MET CS 232.  Or instructor’s consent.
Boston-Charles River Campus, Online, Blended
MS CS elective, MS CIS elective, MS TC elective
CS601_A1_Fall 2015CS601_OL_Fall2015

Description: This course focuses on building core competencies in web design and development. It begins with a complete immersion into HTML essentially XHTML and Dynamic HTML (DHTML).    Students are exposed to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), as well as Dynamic CSS.   The fundamentals of JavaScript language including object-oriented JavaScript is covered comprehensively. AJAX with XML and JSON are covered, as they are the primary means to transfer data from client and server. Open source libraries such as Prototype, jQuery and Mootools might optionally be covered, as they assist in building cross-browser web applications rapidly and efficiently. The PHP language will be presented and covered; however, students can use other server-side languages; such as ASP.NET, Java (JEE) or Ruby on Rails (RoR) for their projects. The course will focus on MySQL as a relational database system with the final project.  Students may use other databases with instructor approval. Students will work with either IIS 6 (or better) or Apache 2, using any conventional operating system when working on their term projects and class laboratories. 4 credits.