MET CS 555 Data Analysis and Visualization with R

Recommended Prerequisite:  MET CS 544 or equivalent knowledge, or instructor’s consent
Delivery: Boston-Charles River Campus, Online
Program: MS CIS elective, MS CS elective
Syllabus: CS555_B1_Fall 2015

Description: This course provides an overview of the statistical tools most commonly used to process, analyze, and visualize data. Topics include simple linear regression, multiple regression, logistic regression, analysis of variance, and survival analysis. These topics are explored using the statistical package R, with a focus on understanding how to use and interpret output from this software as well as how to visualize results. In each topic area, the methodology, including underlying assumptions and the mechanics of how it all works along with appropriate interpretation of the results, are discussed. Concepts are presented in context of real world examples. 4 Credits.