MET CS 469 Introduction to Database Design and Implementation for Business

Prerequisites: None
Delivery: Boston-Charles River Campus
Program: BS CS
CS469_669_C1_EL_Spring 2015

Description: Students learn the latest relational and object-relational tools and techniques for persistent data and object modeling and management. Students gain extensive hands-on experience using Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server as they learn the Structured Query Language (SQL) and design and implement databases. Topics covered include: the relational and entity-relational models, data modeling, normalization, object modeling, SQL, advanced SQL, stored procedures, triggers, database design, database lifecycle, and transactions. Students are introduced to advanced topics including performance tuning, distributed databases, replication, business intelligence, data warehouses, internet databases, database administration, security, backup and recovery. Students design and implement a database system as a term project. Laboratory Class. 4 credits.

Restrictions: This course may not be taken in conjunction with CS 669 or CS 579. Only one of these courses can be counted towards degree requirements.