MET CS 425 Introduction to Business Data Communication and Computer Networks

Prerequisites: MET CS 201 and either MET CS 231 or MET CS 232 or instructor’s consent.
Delivery: Boston-Charles River Campus
Program: BS CS

Description: This course presents the foundations of data communications and takes a bottom-up approach to computer networks. It begins with an overview of modern data communication requirements, and basic distributed data concepts. A brief history of the Internet is presented followed by the basics of the OSI and TCP/IP computer networks models . The Physical Layer is presented in the form of basic Data communication concepts over various transmission media, wireless transmission, and the telephone system. The Data Link Layer presentation deals with design issues, error detection and correction, and the Medium Access Sub-layer covers channel allocation problems, multiple access protocols, IEEE standard 802 for LANs and WLANs, as well as bridges, switches and high-speed LANs. The basic functions of the Network Layer are explained in the context of design issues, internetworking, and the network layer in the Internet. The Transport Layer includes the transport service and elements of transport protocols, as well as the TCP and UDP Internet transport protocols . The Application Layer issues cover the main distributed applications, such as electronic mail, DNS, ftp, www etc. The course concludes with an overview of basic network security and management concepts. 4 credits.
Restrictions: This course may not be taken in conjunction with CS 535 or CS 625. Only one of these courses can be counted towards degree requirements.