Advanced Database Management

Advanced Database Management

MET CS 779 (4 credits)

This course covers advanced aspects of database management including normalization and denormalization, query optimization, distributed databases, data warehousing, and big data. There is extensive coverage and hands on work with SQL, and database instance tuning. Course covers various modern database architectures including relational, key value, object relational and document store models as well as various approaches to scale out, integrate and implement database systems through replication and cloud based instances. Students learn about unstructured "big data" architectures and databases, and gain hands-on experience with Spark and MongoDB. Students complete a term project exploring an advanced database technology of their choice. Prereq: MET CS 579 or MET CS 669; or instructor's consent.

2020FALLMETCS779 A1, Sep 3rd to Dec 10th 2020

Days Start End Type Bldg Room
R 06:00 PM 08:45 PM PSY B49

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