Fifth Immunoinformatics and Computational Immunology Workshop (ICIW 2014)

In conjunction with ACM International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (ACM-BCB), September 20-23, 2014, Newport Beach, CA, USA

The main theme of the fifth Immunoinformatics and Computational Immunology Workshop (ICIW 2014) is “Bridging Immunology and Computer Science”. Technical advances in instrumentation, sample processing, immunological assays, and bioinformatics techniques generated large amount of immunological data. The overwhelming quantities and complexity of these data present a challenge for immunologists trying to interpret results, extract useful information, and derive new knowledge. This workshop aims to bring together researchers with expertise in immunoinformatics, computational immunology, and vaccinology, and provide a forum to exchange research ideas and opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations. The ICIW 2014 invites submission of original papers describing previously unpublished research and development on recent advances in the field of immunoinformatics and computational immunology. All papers will be peer-reviewed and all accepted papers will be included in the proceedings published by ACM digital libraries. Selected papers will be invited to for publication in Journal of Immunological Methods.

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