Researchers from BU and MIT Work to Overcome Algorithmic Bias

Computer Science Professors Adam Smith and Ran Canetti, alongside their CS PhD student Sarah Scheffler (GRS’21), are working with MIT PhD students Aloni Cohen, Nishanth Dikkala, and Govind Ramnarayan to figure out what, if anything, can be done to understand and minimize bias from decision-making systems that depend on computer programs.

Their work was recently accepted for publication at the upcoming 2019 Association for Computing Machinery conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, nicknamed “ACM FAT*.”

The full text of the article, featured in the BU Research magazine, can be found here. Congratulations Adam, Ran, and Sarah!

(From left) Adam Smith, Sarah Scheffler, and Ran Canetti. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi

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