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MET students help Quincy prepare for climate change

The Quincy Sun and Patriot Ledger both recently covered a cooperative effort between students of METís City Planning and Urban Affairs masterís programs, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, and the City of Quincy. Their goal: to create a Coastal Adaptation Plan for Bostonís neighbor community. Read more »

Symposium students work on Climate Action Plan for Quincy, Massachusetts

This year, the students of the 2015 Boston Urban Symposium, which is the graduate capstone course for students in the City Planning and Urban Affairs Program at the Metropolitan College at BU, are focusing on creating the framework for the first-ever Climate Action and Preparedness Plan (CAPP) for the City of Quincy, MA. Learn more about the goals of this project and our studentsí work so far.

METís Regan Explains Why the T Broke and How to Fix It

Back in 2007, Terrance Regan, a MET adjunct professor of city planning and urban affairs, wrote a report for the Massachusetts Transportation Finance Commission on the precarious condition of the stateís public transit system. Today, heís using the current snow-related breakdowns in the Green Line and other MBTA services as a prime teaching moment. Read this urban transit expertís honest opinions in BU Today.

ďClimate Change & Contingent Adaptation: Strategies for South Asian Mega-CitiesĒ

On Wednesday, February 25, join interim program coordinator Dr. Madhu Dutta-Koehler for a Pardee House Seminar on how resource-constrained Asian mega-cities can prepare for climate change.
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Master of Urban Affairs Graduate Receives Cityís Public Service Award

Dion Irish (METí07) received a Henry L. Shattuck Public Service Award. Read more about the honor »

Internship and Employment Opportunities Are Listed

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Real Estate studies at BU!

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Going Green is More than Just a Trend: It’s a Career Move

Announcing the new Graduate Certificate in Applied Sustainability, a four-course, interdisciplinary program that prepares students to lead government, corporate, and community organizations to economically feasible sustainability in urban settings.

Preservation Studies at BU!

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A Look Back at Haiti

As the year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti approaches, we take a look back on the journey Enrique Silva and other MET community members made to Haiti to discuss rebuilding and recover efforts with government officials. Click here to watch the video


BU MCP/MUA working with Haiti

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