Research studies for Little Scientists

Online Studies! [NEW]

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our lab space is temporarily closed. BUT, we are now conducting many of our studies online!

You can now participate in many of our studies right from your home. In our online studies, your child can play a game or answer some questions via a web app, or participate in a live session with one of our trained lab researchers. 

All you need is a computer with internet access, a non-distracting space in your home for your child, and (for some studies) a webcam. 

We currently are running studies with children ages 20 months to 8 years. 

Studies take anywhere from 10-40 minutes for each child, depending on the study.

If you would like to have your child participate in our research, please fill out our web form or email us at devmind@bu.eduWe’ll contact you about the studies we may have for your child/children.

If you have any questions, please email us at



One of our little scientists after a visit to the Developing Minds Lab!

In-lab studies [temporarily on hold]

For the safety of our participating families and our research staff, our lab has suspended all in-person activity in the lab and at local museums. 

What to expect 

When you visit the Developing Minds Lab, a member of our lab will meet you in the parking garage across the street from the Department of Psychological and Brain Science building.  Parking is free.  If you take public transit, our lab is conveniently located at the Boston University East T stop on the B Green Line.


You and your child will be shown into our lab play room, where your child can play while we talk about the study with you.  This gives you time to ask questions and gives your child time to warm up.  Then, you and your child will enter one of our study rooms where the study will take place.  Depending on the study and your child’s age, she or he may watch a puppet show or video, play an interactive game, or hear a story and answer questions.  Each study takes about 10-15 minutes for infants and toddlers, 10-30 minutes for older children.  You can stay with your child the entire time.

If you are bringing children that are not participating in a study that day, a member of our staff will be happy to play with them in our play room while the study is going on.

Your child will receive a certificate and a small gift for participating.  You are welcome to stay and play!

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Learn more

Want to learn more about the research studies we do in the Developing Minds Lab?  If you have any questions, please contact us.  Thank you for your interest in the work we do!

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