CAGS in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

The CAGS is designed for the self-directed, continuous learner who has earned a master’s degree and desires to develop knowledge of policy, planning, and administration. The CAGS program is ideal for working professionals.

Students who wish to complete a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study work in collaboration with their academic advisor to develop an individualized program of study to realize their educational objectives. The minimum number of credits students can earn is 30.

Administrative Licensure

Students may elect to pursue a licensure track, which may require additional credits of coursework and a practicum experience.

The School of Education provides a sequence of courses approved for initial state licensure as superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, or assistant principal, including arrangements to carry out the required internship or practicum. Students take the following courses or approved substitutes:

  • SED AP 526 Citizen Participation and Community Development
  • SED AP 600 Diversity and Justice in Education
  • SED AP 662 Administrative Planning -OR-
  • SED AP 761 Organizational Analysis (Superintendent)
  • SED AP 720 Performance-Based Educational Leadership
  • SED AP 750 Performance Appraisal and Supervision
  • SED AP 754 Educational Equity and the Law
  • SED AP 757 School Labor Relations and Personnel Management
  • SED AP 758 School Management
  • SED AP 802 Practicum Pre-K–6 -OR-
  • SED AP 803 Practicum 5–8 -OR-
  • SED AP 804 Practicum 9–12 -OR-
  • SED AP 805 Practicum/Apprenticeship/Internship: Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent
  • SED CT 750 Basic Principles for Curriculum and Teaching (4 cr) -OR- SED CT 721 Analysis of Curriculum Programs (4 cr)
  • SED AP 662 Administrative Planning (Principal) (4 cr) -OR- SED AP 761 Organizational Analysis (Superintendent) (4 cr)

Practicum (4 cr)

Students participate in a practicum experience from the options listed below based on their area of focus. Boston University enjoys longstanding relationships with many urban and suburban school systems in greater Boston that offer our students rewarding field experiences under the guidance of expert teachers and faculty.

  • SED AP 802 Practicum Pre-K–6 (4 cr)
  • SED AP 803 Practicum 5–8 (4 cr)
  • SED AP 804 Practicum 9–12 (4 cr)
  • SED AP 805 Practicum Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent (4 cr)

Comprehensive Examination

In order to complete the program, you must file a formal application for a program comprehensive examination with your faculty advisor. The examination must be completed successfully.