Kilachand Honors College Policies

The policies listed below represent variations or additional stipulations affecting certain general University policies. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the regulations of the University and their school or college of enrollment.

Kilachand Honors College Honor Code

Under the Honor Code, all Kilachand Honors College students are expected to maintain high standards of academic honesty and integrity. Every Kilachand student must be aware of Boston University’s Undergraduate Academic Conduct Code and abide by its provisions. Furthermore, Kilachand students are required to abide by all other nonacademic provisions set forth by Boston University and Kilachand Honors College. The following policies and procedures should guide students in achieving their educational goals.

GPA and Grade Requirements

Kilachand students must maintain a semester GPI and cumulative GPA of 3.3 to remain in good standing in the College. Kilachand students must also receive a grade of B or better in the freshman and sophomore Kilachand courses, and B+ or better in the junior and senior Kilachand courses, for the courses to count toward the completion of Kilachand requirements.

Study Abroad

The Kilachand Honors College curriculum is designed to allow students who wish to study abroad to do so in either the fall or spring of the junior year. While Kilachand Honors College students are not permitted to study abroad for more than one semester during the academic year, summer study abroad programs and experiential learning are encouraged. However, there are two exceptions to this rule. Petition forms for each of the following can be found on the Kilachand Honors College website.

Petition for Pre-Health Students to Study Abroad in the Sophomore Year

There are specific study abroad programs for students following pre-health tracks that can only accommodate participants in the sophomore year. These programs, marketed as the “Especially for Sophomores” programs, offer students a curriculum that ensures that they remain on track with the requirements of the pre-health curriculum. Students are permitted to petition with Kilachand to study abroad during the fall of the sophomore year for the “Especially for Sophomores” pre-health programs and adjust the order of their Kilachand coursework.

The Kilachand sophomore course KHC HC 301 and KHC HC 302 (a two-semester sequence entitled The Nature of Inquiry) does not need to be taken in sequence. Thus, a student with an approved petition can study abroad during the fall of their sophomore year, participate in KHC HC 302 in the spring of their sophomore year, participate in KHC HC 301 in the fall of their junior year, and complete KHC HC 401 in the spring of their junior year.

Petition to Participate in Off-Campus Boston University Programs in the Senior Year

There are certain Boston University off-campus programs that may serve students in their senior year better than at other times, such as the Los Angeles Internship Program for Film & Television students and the Tropical Ecology Program. Only students with compelling reasons to complete academic or professional programs will be approved to participate in off-campus programs the spring of the senior year.

Kilachand students must successfully complete KHC HC 501 and KHC HC 503 on campus in the fall of their senior year. Students approved for study off-campus in the spring semester must successfully complete KHC HC 502 and KHC 504 in coordination with their KHC HC 502 instructor and their keystone advisor. This means that students studying off-campus must make arrangements with their KHC HC 502 instructor to ensure that all assigned work is completed, and must keep their faculty advisor abreast of the progress that is being made on their projects. Under ordinary circumstances, it is required for students to attend the Keystone Symposium. For students who will be unable to return, arrangements should be made to present their Keystone Project at the close of the first semester of the senior year.

Petitions should be submitted in writing to the Directors of Kilachand Honors College no later than the last day of the spring semester of the junior year.