Adding or Dropping a Course

University Policy

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Policy

Students wishing to change their courses must fill out the appropriate form at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences office, obtain their advisor’s signature, and return the completed form to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences office. A request for late registration in courses cannot ordinarily be granted after the first full week of classes.

No course may be added after the first two weeks of class.

A course dropped during the first five weeks of class will not appear on the student’s permanent record. After the first five weeks, a dropped course will appear on the student’s record as W, and the student will be charged for the course. No course may be dropped after the eighth week of class. Graduate School financial aid will not cover the cost of a course from which a student has officially withdrawn.

Students who register for any course are held responsible for its completion unless they officially withdraw by the deadline date or change to the status of auditor within the first five weeks of class. Financial aid will not cover courses taken as audits or for no credit. For exceptions see Continuing Student Status under Registration.