History of Art & Architecture

The Department of History of Art & Architecture offers programs of study leading to the MA and PhD degrees in art history, as well as a departmental Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies.

Departmental research encompasses Western, Asian, African, Latin American, and Islamic art and architecture. Faculty and students are concerned with the many-faceted historical implications (personal, social, political, economic, and aesthetic) of imagery and objects (buildings, paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings, photography, film, and decorative arts). They study the makers, critics, patrons, and users of these objects and images, and these investigations reveal changing views of humanity and the world—views that develop a student’s own critical perspective. For more information on faculty and graduate student research interests, please visit our website.

The department provides teaching fellows with individual carrels. All graduate students have access to a newly renovated Graduate Student Lounge for informal student gatherings. Computers and scanners are available for their preparation of presentations and research at the Visual Resource Center.