• PDP SK 101: Basic Skating
    Basic forward and backward skating, balance and control, all stops, turning forward to backward, and crossovers. Must have your own skates.
  • PDP SK 103: Figure Skating
    Prereq: PDP SK 101 or PDP SK 102. Develop turns and edge sequences and learn half rotation jumps, one and two foot spins, and pivots. Gain control, balance, and power.
  • PDP SK 201: Skating, Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP SK 101, PDP SK 102, or good skating skills. Includes stroking, edges, footwork, and turns.
  • PDP SK 203: Figure Skating, Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP SK 103 or figure skating experience. Coaching and practice on single and double rotation jumps, spins (including combination and change of foot), and moves in the field.
  • PDP SK 204: Introduction to Hockey
    Prereq: PDP SK 101, PDP SK 102, or the equivalent. For beginning players. Improve stick handling and passing skills through drills and scrimmages. Must have own helmet with cage, gloves, and stick.
  • PDP SK 301: Advanced Skating
    This course is designed to incorporate all skating skills mastered in prereqs and develop sequences that will enhance skaters' ability to manuever on different edges in different directions with ease. Skills mastered in this class will allow skaters to easily marticualte into hockey or figure skating.
  • PDP SK 303: Figure Skating, Competitive
    Prereq: PDP SK 203 or advanced figure skating skills. This class is structured toward competitive skaters and those currently on the Boston University figure skating team. Skaters will work on both short and long programs for collegiate competition, footwork for synchronized team skating, and dance. Skaters will have an opportunity to run through their programs during this time and work on their jumps and spins.
  • PDP SK 304: Hockey, Scrimmage
    Prereq: hockey experience. Supervised scrimmage: no check, no slap shot.Must have own gloves, stick, caged helmet and shin pads.
  • PDP WF 101: Sailing, Beginning
    Prereq: Successful completion of the Boating Swim Test. Introductory course for those with little or no sailing experience. Includes boat rigging, basic nautical terminology, safety procedures, and elementary sailing maneuvers.
  • PDP WF 104: Rowing, Beginning
    Prereq: Successful completion of the Boating Swim Test. The fundamentals of rowing and coxing are taught first in a training "barge" and then in an eight-oared shell. Meets for approximately eight weeks.
  • PDP WF 201: Sailing, Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP WF 101 or the equivalent and successful completion of the Boating Swim Test. The technical skills and racing aspects of sailing for students who have completed an introductory sailing course or have had some sailing experience.