Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) in Music Education (online)

This program is not accepting applications for the 2014/2015 academic year.

The CAGS in Music Education provides students with the opportunity to advance their knowledge through a self-selected series of courses to meet their professional needs.

In order to be admitted to the program, applicants must have a Master’s degree in Music Education.  The CAGS in Music Education is a 32-credit program designed individually by each student in collaboration with a faculty advisor. The course selection will be slightly different for students who have graduated from Boston University’s Master of Music Education program.  All courses below are 4-credits.

There are two required courses:

MU 777: Foundations of Music Education I: Philosophy and History

MU 778: Foundations of Music Education II: Psychology and Sociology

Students who have already taken these classes may substitute electives.

For their remaining 24 credits (6 courses), students may take any other elective courses that they have not already taken in their Master’s degree at either Boston University or another institution.

Online elective offerings may include:

MU 755: American Music

MU 757: Crossroads: Musical and Cultural Perspectives on the Blues

MU 766: Jazz and Popular Arranging

MU 779: Orchestration

MU 589: Music Technology Pedagogy

MU 756: Community Music Perspectives

MU 866: Contemporary Issues in Music Education

MU 587: Introduction to Music Technology

MU 761: Principles of Child Development and Early Childhood

MU 767 – African Music and Culture: Creative Exploration

MU 746 – Music Aesthetics and Criticism

MUxxx  Arts Policy and Advocacy (in development)

MU 735: Critique in Music Education

MU 871: Quantitative Research Methods in Music Education

MU 803: Qualitative Research Methods in Music Education

With prior approval, additional elective courses may also include courses in other schools and colleges at Boston University such as the School of Visual Art, Metropolitan College’s Arts Administration program, and the online sacred music class taught in the School of Theology. Students in the Boston area are welcome to take any on campus graduate courses in the Music Education department that they have not already taken on line.