Women in Networks, Building Community and Gaining Voice (2008-2011)


The WIN: Women In Networks program was part of the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Initiative. As part of this initiative the WIN program was designed to increase work satisfaction, retention, and advancement of women faculty in science and engineering at Boston University through enhancing womens networks, and to analyze the ways in which network-building can contribute to womens satisfaction and success in academic science and engineering.

We teamed with BU WISE to host a variety of programs to aid in the enrichment and networking capabilities of women scientists at BU. These programs range from pre-tenure workshops to lunches with esteemed women scientists. Details of these efforts can be found under the programs area of this website.  A quick summary of programs organized by WIN during its final year of programs can be found here.

The final report from the project and a portion of the benchmark data analysis can be accessed using the links on the right.

Women In Networks