Sasha Goldman

Sasha B. Goldman is the Assistant Director for PhD Professional Development where she is responsible for overseeing the Core Capacities curriculum and PhD Progression digital-badging platform for doctoral student professional development at BU. Sasha develops and coordinating regular programming, workshops, and trainings for current doctoral students in areas of project management, writing and communication, teaching, and career planning. Sasha also produces the Vitamin PhD podcast, a unique resource providing career and professional development advice and resources for doctoral students at BU and beyond.

Sasha joined the Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs team in the spring of 2020, after completing her PhD in the History of Art & Architecture at Boston University. As a doctoral student at BU Sasha served in leadership roles for several committees and boards at the University, college, and department levels including the Graduate Student Advisory Council for the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and the Graduate & Professional Leadership Council. She has received several awards and grants for her research in the field of contemporary Italian art history and is currently working on a manuscript of her first book on artist Maurizio Cattelan. Sasha also holds a BA from Connecticut College and an MA from Temple University, both in Art History.

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