What is Vitamin PhD?

Vitamin PhD is a podcast produced at Boston University for anyone who is pursuing a doctorate, has a doctorate, or supporting others on their doctoral journey. The podcast delivers career narratives and skills know-how through six-episode capsule seasons hosted by current doctoral students at Boston University. In Career Pathways episodes, we help you explore career options by interviewing people who have earned their doctorate and now work in a variety of sectors. In our Navigating Challenges episodes, we discuss issues that can present difficulties in graduate school, and we provide tips to help you succeed. During our Roundtables, we talk with current PhDs about their experiences at BU. Whether you tune in during your daily commute or while working on your research, we hope that Vitamin PhD can help you learn, laugh, and connect to our listening community.

Introducing: Season 7 – Teaching Skills

Season 7, hosted by PhD students Shaunesse’ Jacobs (Theology) and Jenna Rindy (Biology)), is our third season in a series of seven seasons focused on the PhD Core Capacities. In conversations with faculty, students, and professionals who have worked in teaching at every level – from early childhood to graduate – Jenna and Shaunesse’ talk about the core skill of teaching by facilitating discussions around the fundamentals of the teaching process as well as its many rewards and challenges. 

New episodes are out every Thursday.

We envision the future of the podcast as a platform to showcase the voices of PhD students and address career and professional development topics of interest to you! The training and learning associated with producing a season of VitaminPhD will provide participants with the opportunity to develop skills in project management, communications, teamwork, and teaching. Reach out to gradpd@bu.edu if you are interested in learning more about hosting future seasons.

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