Boston University
Photo of High school junior Jose Pinto of East Boston painting a still life at CFA’s Visual Arts Summer Institute (VASI) July 12. In the photo, an apple with two slices laying on the cutting board next to it, is seen blurred in the foreground. The apple is red with orange and yellow streaks. Pinto, a young person of color, has short curly hair, and looks intensely at the apple while holding a green paintbrush to the easel in front of him. Other students can be seen painting and doing other art projects in the classroom behind him.
July 26, 2022
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Apple’s-Eye View

At CFA’s Visual Arts Summer Institute, a four-week intensive program designed to help high school students build exceptional portfolios, young artists study works of art in area museums, participate in special workshops, and experience life as BU students. Boston Arts Academy rising senior Jose Pinto and fellow artists try their brushes at painting a still life July 12. Photo by Cydney Scott