Boston University
Photo of Starbucks employees picketing outside of the store location on Comm Ave. on July 18, 2022. They are a mix of genders and appear to come from diverse backgrounds; most of them are youngish people. They hold signs that say "Ask me about our unfair labor practices," "Solidarity with starbucks, workers united, on strike!," "Solidarity with Starbucks workers, fight for a living base wage of $25/hr before tips!" The prudential center is seen in the background, as well as the trees lining comm ave and the thurman center.
July 18, 2022
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Striking Workers at Comm Ave Starbucks on BU Campus

Workers at the 874 Comm Ave Starbucks, on BU’s campus, voted in June to unionize, joining a growing number of Starbucks employees nationwide. Citing workplace issues they say worsened after their union vote, the Boston workers went on strike Monday. Their letter to Starbucks management noted “illegal threats of discipline or termination of employees” and drastically reduced hours of longtime employees even as new employees were hired. They specifically demanded that interim store manager Tomi Chorlian, who started at the store just after the vote to unionize, “must be terminated from the company” or be required to undergo additional training and supervision. Although official numbers are not known, it’s reported that around 100 Starbucks stores nationwide have unionized. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi