Boston University
Photo of Michelle Wu, Mayor of City of Boston joining the line of protestors outside the Starbucks along Comm Ave. She wears a black dress with a floral pattern an olds a white sign that has the Starbucks logo altered so that the mermaid is frowning. Wu is a middle aged AAPI woman with shoulder-length black hair. In the foreground, and in focus, other protestors holding cardboard signs are seen. Photo taken July, 25th by Ziyu (Julian) Zhu (CGS'23)
July 25, 2022
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Mayor Michelle Wu Visits Striking Starbucks Workers

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu visited the striking Starbucks workers in front of 874 Commonwealth Ave. Monday, throwing her support behind their demands for change at the location on BU’s Charles River Campus. Workers at the Comm Ave Starbucks have alleged that the corporate office and a new store manager have reduced the hours of some long-term employees, threatened some employees with termination, and shown discriminatory behavior. The workers claim the issues worsened after they had voted to unionize in June. “We are calling on Starbucks to step up and be a good neighbor and a good partner for the city of Boston, and respect the unionizing that is happening here,” Wu said on her visit. Photo by Ziyu (Julian) Zhu (CGS’23)