Data Glossaries, or Data Dictionaries, provide definitions for Variables, Characteristics, and Key Figures used in the Business Warehouse reports developed for each of the functional areas within BUworks. Here’s an example of the data available in the HCM data glossary:

hcm data dictionary sample

Available Data Glossaries

HCM Glossary – definitions of terms used in Human Capital Management reports (last modified 1/29/20)

GM / FM Glossary – definitions of Variables, Characteristics and Key Figures used in Grants Management and Funds Management reports (last modified 9/27/18)

Purchasing (Guided BUying / SRM) Glossary – definitions of Characteristics and Key Figures used in Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) reports (last modified 2/07/23)

Data Dictionaries containing technical information are available on request (send request to