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Available to: Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni

Cost: No charge

Published on the Web, your Digication e-Portfolio is a collection of your selected work in BU programs and courses, designed to portray your learning experiences and to make learning visible. The web-based Digication e-Portfolio publishing platform makes it easy to capture and document evidence of academic achievements, providing support for career advancement. See our FAQ for more details.


Take advantage of powerful, easy-to-use multimedia tools to publish samples of your best research, projects, and school work. With no knowledge of HTML, you can create a professional online portfolio or interactive resume that will impress the academic community and future employers.

Key Features

  • Create a portfolio and document academic credentials with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Showcase literacy with published multimedia work.
  • Customize your site with templates and images.
  • Share your work, professional and clinical experiences, and accomplishments with others.
  • Collect your academic work in a single place to observe your learning and growth over time.


BU login name and Kerberos password. We recommend that you have a modern browser, such as one of the following:

Getting Started