Content Banner is an extension to the WordPress editor that allows you to add an image directly above the page content, above the content heading. The function is accessible through a special editing box located below the WordPress content editor.


Before using content banner images, they must be enabled on your site by the IS&T WordPress administrators. Please use this form to contact us.

Image Guidelines

  • For best results, images should be sized correctly before uploading to your Media Library.
  • The width of the content area in the default BU WordPress themes is 640 pixels.
  • The width of the content area in the BUMC WordPress theme is 755 pixels.
  • The width of the content area in custom themes varies -- please consult your theme designer.
  • The height of the image should generally not exceed half the image width.
  • Images that are narrower than your content area will be inserted at their actual size.

Adding a Content Banner Image

Step-by-step instructions on how to add a content banner to a page

Removing a Content Banner Image

Instructions on how to remove a content banner

Using Custom HTML Instead of a Banner Image

Using the content banner function to add an image rotation or Flash object

Site-Wide Content Banner

Instructions for setting a default content banner for all pages on your site