Galen Mook founded BU Bikes


Feeling that a unified bike community was needed to encourage a more bike-friendly urban landscape, BU alum, Galen Mook, founded BU Bikes, a student group devoted to promoting biking on its many fronts.

See Galen Mook in the Boston Globe Magazine

In the spring of 2008, shortly after City Hall striped its first bike lane down Commonwealth Avenue, Boston University’s Charles River Campus saw an unanticipated yet undeniable increase of bikers. They were everywhere: cruising the wrong way down bike lanes, rolling over pedestrians on the sidewalk, and creating rack overflow. Galen Mook, UNI ’09, saw the BU bikers as key players that would help transform Boston into a sustainable city.


Galen Mook with his "drum bike"

In addition to being a venue for socialization, BU Bikes teaches rules of the road to new riders, hosts workshops on bike maintenance, runs a tool-shop, which is open to the BU community, and leads group rides that expand the two-wheeled horizons of BU Bikers.

Since graduating in 2009, Galen has moved on to the bicycle-tourism trade in Boston, working as the Freewheel Operations Manager at Urban AdvenTours “Boston’s Bicycle Tour and Bicycle Rental Company,” located in downtown Boston. In his current position, Galen is continuing to build a more bike friendly community in Boston.

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