Vivien Chen (CAS’19)

GIS Analyst | Specialties: Biodiversity, Climate Change

GIS Analyst working to spread awareness and drive environmental initiatives


I was born and raised in East Brunswick, N.J.

After moving to campus, rather than taking traditional first-year housing, I decided to apply for a spot at 7 Buswell Street in South Campus. There, I spent two years helping to jumpstart Earth House Living-Learning Community, which integrates curriculum with sustainable student life and housing. I also joined Epsilon Eta, a co-ed professional environmental fraternity, and was vice president of Students for a Just and Stable Future (SJSF).



  • I started as a Work-Study employee with Professor Pamela Templer in the biology department. I got involved with her lab and started taking on projects of my own. Research became a passion of mine, and I pursued a variety of topics ranging from studying how biodiversity could be impacted by China's Belt Road Initiative to mapping deforestation and degradation in the Amazon Basin.
  • I was a member of the first class of DaRin Butz Interns at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University.
  • As part of the Auckland Internship study abroad program, I performed independent research at the University of Auckland.
  • For my senior thesis, as part of the BU Climate Action Plan, I conducted fieldwork at BU's Charles River Campus to quantify carbon fluxes and runoff. I was honored to be awarded the Provost's Scholars Award for Academic Exploration.

Beyond BU

At the Environmental Career Fair at BU, I was recruited by Esri, the global market leader of GIS software. After accepting the job as an ArcGIS Analyst, I moved to their headquarters in Redlands, California. Through the company's Sustainability Task Force, I work to spread awareness and drive environmental initiatives.

It can be difficult to maintain optimism during a climate crisis, but the students and staff at BU are a bright and motivated community that fueled my drive to keep pushing forward. The breadth of opportunities at BU also helped develop what was originally just a hobby/interest of mine into a meaningful, long-term career.

Advice for BU Students

Don't be afraid to reach out! Boston University offers a plethora of resources for those who are interested in sustainability and/or climate action, whether it's through professors, BU Sustainability, or clubs, to name a few. It's just a matter of looking for somewhere to start getting involved, somewhere you feel a sense of belonging.

Upon graduating, it can be challenging and a little disorienting to find real-world applications, so I highly encourage reaching out to alumni, your Undergraduate Program Coordinator, and the Center for Career Development to help prepare yourself for the next step.


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