Victoria Chaney (CAS’18)

Sustainable Design Professional | Specialties: Sustainable Design, Equity

Architect passionate about sustainable and equitable design

Within architecture, I have a specific interest in sustainable design and public interest design, and I aim to create equitable, community-centered, and environmentally sensitive spaces that yield high social impact.


I graduated from BU with a BA in Architectural Studies and a minor in Environmental Analysis & Policy. From there, I went on to pursue a Master of Architecture at the University of Texas Austin. I am originally from Cocoa, Fla.

I can be found reading, traveling, searching for new podcasts, and going through (reusable) cups of tea.



  • Working with BU Sustainability, I served as the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) Survey Coordinator. Collaborating with peers and employees across the University, I collected information to track and report sustainability performance metrics as well as to encourage sustainability progress. It made me more aware of the impact of our actions as not just individuals, but as an institution, and taught me the importance of pushing for accountability and transparency.
  • Volunteering with the Community Service Center as a staff leader for FYSOP and Alternative Service Breaks.
  • Leading the Undergraduate Architecture Association and the US Green Building Council Students Chapter.

The work that I engaged in at BU produced a skill set that I transfer now to my design practice. I approach my work analytically, recognize opportunities for progress, and employ an intersectional lens.

Beyond BU

During my time in the UT School of Architecture:

  • Studied abroad in Munich, Germany, convened with students and faculty, and researched the impact and efficiency of building performance assessment tools like LEED and its international counterparts.
  • Traveled to rural Mexico and collaborated with Universidad de Las Americas, Puebla students on a masterplan that strategized the implementation of critical health/administrative services, clean water, passive design tactics, and emergency escape considerations for volcanic activity.
  • Served as a teaching assistant for Environmental Controls courses, teaching principles of light, heat, sound, energy, etc., and the use of building performance assessment tools.

Advice for BU Students

Pursue interdisciplinary opportunities and surround yourself with people from different backgrounds academically and socially. Stay engaged in local and national goings-on. Recognize problems, strategize solutions that you would like to see implemented, and contribute your time and talents in unique ways. Think about what it would take to make a world that is healthy, resilient, and just and go do it.

Linkedin , @civ.chaney