Galen Mook (UNI’09)

Executive Director for MassBike  |  Specialty: Transportation

Advocate and Educator for Safer Biking


I graduated from BU with a BA/MA in Social Movement Theory and Multi-Media Journalism. I enjoy teaching the basics of biking to break down barriers and get more folks riding more bikes more often.



  • Advocated for the City of Boston's first bike lane, from BU Bridge to Kenmore Square, and through that process realized the need for advocacy for safer cycling on campus, so I cofounded a student group called BU Bikes. With fellow students, I advocated for bicycle infrastructure around campus and raised awareness about the importance of bicycling safety, which led to BU hosting an annual Bike Safety Day.

Beyond BU

  • Cofounded a nonprofit organization called CommonWheels Bicycle Collective based in Allston.
  • Worked for the City of Boston and City of Cambridge to provide cycling instruction to youths and adults, and worked for the then-start-up bike-sharing company Hubway (later renamed Bluebikes) to help roll out the program for its first three years.
  • Worked at Landry's Bicycles in their marketing and advocacy department.
  • Serve as executive director for MassBike, the statewide bicycling coalition, which involves advocating for better bicycling infrastructure around Boston and throughout Massachusetts, expanding educational opportunities for safer cycling, and promoting inclusive practices for breaking down barriers to cycling.
  • Partner with MassBike coalition members at Transportation for Massachusetts to help advocate for public transit funding
  • Serve as a member of the I-90 Allston Multimodal Task Force in an effort to bring about a sustainable transformation for the region's transportation system.

Advice for BU Students

What I learned by forming BU Bikes was that students actually have the real power at the University and that by being a student you can request meetings with deans and the president, and affect real change since your well-being is paramount to the concerns of the University. You have the power—remember to wield it wisely.


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