Emma Marshall-Torres (CAS’17)

Energy Consultant | Specialties: Renewable Energy, Sustainability

Emma Marshall-Torres

Consultant with expertise in policy and advocacy in the energy space


I graduated from BU with a BA in Environmental Analysis & Policy and minor studies in French and Sustainable Energy.

Originally from Cape Cod, I frequently engage in local issues related to sustainable development and conservation.



  • During my time working with BU Sustainability, I supported communications and events, and served as the student representative on the University Sustainability Communications & Outreach Working Group.

Beyond BU

  • Since graduating, I have worked in domestic solar energy development and international management consulting for innovative energy technologies.
  • My work has touched upon topics including sustainability plans for academia, smart city energy systems, electric vehicle roll-out strategies, and regulatory support for utility venture investments in solar energy.
  • I have experience supporting the Department of Energy's Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response in its coordination with trade groups and utility executives in the electricity sector.

Advice for BU Students

As the saying goes, "The most personal is the most creative," and I would add, often the most sincere and effective. Find what climate and sustainability issues matter most to you, and commit to understanding them from all angles—even the ones you don't agree with. That's what makes for a strong communicator and problem solver.