Edem Adukonu (Questrom ’20)

Energy Consultant | Specialty: Renewable Energy, Transportation

Edem Adokonu

A professional passionate about greening the grid & transportation


I graduated with concentrations in Strategy and Energy & Environmental Sustainability.

I am a Ghanaian. I enjoy spending time with friends, eating good food, enjoying music, and watching movies and shows. When I’m inspired, I paint, sing, and play the bass guitar.



  • I interned at the BU Institute for Sustainable Energy for a year, where I researched the electric utility industry in Africa, its bottlenecks, and the way forward towards a carbon-free future with universal access for all Africans.
  • I also researched multimodal transportation as a solution to urban mobility. I conducted case studies on Los Angeles and Singapore, comparing the gains they have made in multimodality and recommending key actions cities need to take to transition their transportation sector into a clean, integrated, and efficient system.

Beyond BU

  • In my role at PA Consulting, I have advised utilities on Grid Modernization efforts to facilitate the integration of intermittent renewable generation into the electric grid. Because the generation of electricity from solar and wind sources is not easily controllable, it is challenging to transition to clean energy without compromising the reliability of power supply. However, new technology being installed on the grid system is facilitating the inclusion of solar and wind generation into the grid, while delivering improved service to consumers, and I am excited to be a part of that modernization effort.

Advice for BU Students

The energy industry is a complicated system with several moving parts. If you want to make a change in sustainable energy, research the whole value chain of the industry to understand the major constraints to the clean energy transition effort. You can best make impact when you locate yourself at the critical part of the industry that needs to evolve in order for us to achieve substantial clean energy integration.