Fall Only Coverage

Fall Only Health Insurance Coverage

Students covered under BU SHIP meeting the requirements listed below may be eligible to request Fall only insurance coverage. Please download and complete the form linked in the corresponding requirement, and submit it to Student Accounting Services no later than December 31, 2023.

  1. Any student not registered for the Spring 2024 semester
  2. Any student registered for the Spring 2024 semester solely in Distance Education (online only) courses.
  3. Domestic students registered for Spring 2024 who are enrolled below 75% of a full-time course load.* (For most programs, this is part-time students registered for fewer than nine credit-hours).

*Note: Spring 2024 certified full-time students and international students do not qualify for category 3, but may qualify under category 2 if the Spring courses are all Distance Education (online only).

Categories 1 – 3 may submit the Premium Adjustment Request form


  1. Students approved for MassHealth** or a subsidized health plan through the Massachusetts Health Connector whose coverage begins no later than January 1, 2024 can submit the Fall 2023 Certification of Coverage form with supporting documentation.

** The following Massachusetts Health Connector programs are NOT eligible for option 4:  Health Safety Net, Mass Health Limited, and the Children’s Medical Security Program.