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BU Social Work and Medical Students Provide Covid-19 Support Through THRIVE Call Center

At Boston Medical Center (BMC), the region’s largest safety-net hospital, when patients are diagnosed with COVID-19 and sent home to quarantine, they often have concerns that reach far beyond their symptoms. How will they get food and medicine if they can’t leave the house? What if they fall behind on their rent and utilities? These […]

Lessons from the Field: Are Paramedics Equipped to Manage Behavioral Health Emergencies?

Paramedics are frontline healthcare providers, responding to everyday emergencies from heart attacks and strokes, to public health crises like COVID-19 and the opioid epidemic. While these workers are skilled in life-saving resuscitation and stabilization, a study by BUSSW researchers finds that they are far less prepared in their training to deal with behavioral health issues. […]

Researchers Examine Benefits of Informal Mentoring for Young People

BUSSW doctoral program graduate Grace Gowdy (SSW’19) and professors Renée Spencer and Daniel P. Miller lead new research on characteristics associated with informal mentorship By Maura King Scully “It takes a village to raise a child.” The African proverb, connoting the importance of adult involvement beyond parents for children’s healthy growth, is well known. What is lesser known is […]