Microarray & Bioinformatics Core

The mission of the NIAMS SSc Genomics and Bioinformatics Core is to provide high quality data generation and analysis of SSc samples at a reasonable cost to investigators.

PI – Michael Whitfield, PhD

Tammara Wood 603.650.1105 tammara.a.wood@dartmouth.edu

The Core will provide:

  • Experimental design consults
  • Digital barcoding and sample tracking
  • Automated high quality RNA production
  • Quality control using standardized and proven protocols
  • Samples hybridized to Agilent whole-genome DNA microarrays
  • Each dataset will be analyzed with a combination of algorithms for differential gene expression, time course analysis, patient subgrouping, and differential pathway activation as appropriate

Mike and I_3

Each data will be analyzed for differential gene expression and provided to users as raw data, or in a heatmap format that can be viewed in Java Treeview. Additional bioinformatic analyses can be performed (call for pricing).

Click here for the RNA Submission Guide