Lung Pathology Core

The mission of the Scleroderma Core Centers Lung Pathology Core is to generate tissue microarrays using lung specimens from patients with systemic sclerosis and controls to enable research into pathogenesis of SSc-associated interstitial lung disease and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

PI – Carol Feghali-Bostwick, PhD

Carol Feghali-Bostwick 843.792.3484

The Lung Pathology Core will:

  • Generate tissue microarrays using lung tissues from patients with SSc-PF and IPF, patients with SSc-PAH and IPAH, and normal donors lung tissues.
  • Generate medium and high-density tissue microarrays using lung tissues of patients with SSc-PF, SSc-PAH, the idiopathic forms of the disease, and normal donors as a resource for the SSc Core Center investigators.
  • Provide comprehensive clinical information on patients from whom lung tissues are obtained, facilitating correlation studies of tissue microarray analysis and disease clinical variables.
  • Provide a TMA service for investigators conducting their own animal research who will provide lung tissues for the generation of tissue arrays. Sections from the array blocks will be provided for use in immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, or other assays.

Lung Tissue Array FeesRoger microscope

Construction of Block
The construction of the TMA block is broken down into classes that reflect the number of
cores requested per block. The cost for each class is as follows:

Class Number of Cores/Blocks Charge
Up to 10 $150
I Up to 25 $800
II Up to 50 $1250
III 51 to 100 $1550
IV 100 to 150 $1750
V 150 to 200 $2000
VI 200 to 250 $2250
VII 250 to 300 $2500

Additional Fees:

1. H&E sections of parent block ($10/slide)
All paraffin blocks must be recut to map most recent surface of block detail before blocks can be cored.

2. Design Set Up ($250)
This is a one time charge for any new array construction. The requesting investigator has input in the design process and receives a copy of the template for final approval.

3. Pathologist Service ($15/sample)
This charge will apply if a Pathologist is needed to evaluate the H&E and circle the area of interest that will be cored.

4. Sectioning of TMA
Sectioning of TMA block by Tape transfer for blank slides. A different fee is designated for blocks generated for the SI vs requests for sections of pre-existing TMA.

5. H&E stain of TMA slide ($15/slide)
Staining of TAPE TMA blank slides.

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