Robert Lafyatis, MD

SScores Director; Administrative Core PI

Dr. Lafyatis came to scleroderma research under the tutelage of Dr. Joseph Korn, his supervisor and mentor until his death 5 years ago. photo2[1]Dr. Lafyatis began his career studying fibroblast biology at the National Institutes of Health under Dr. Ronald Wilder. He continued his training at the National Institutes of Health in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Sporn, the discoverer of TGFβ, where he gained experience in both cytokine and molecular biology. Embarking on his own research career at the Pasteur Institut in France, he cloned an autoantigen using rheumatoid synovial fluid and showed the molecular function of this autoantigen as a regulator of alternative splicing. Through these studies he developed strong expertise in the biology of TGFβ, and cell and molecular biology. Returning to the US and working in the Rheumatology Section at Boston University Medical Center, he has gradually become a leader in basic and translational research in SSc.

Institution: Boston University School of Medicine

Medical school: University of Cinncinnati College of Medicine/MD/1983

Academic rank: Professor of Medicine

Mailing address: 72 East Concord Street, E-5, Boston, MA 02118

Phone: 617.638.4486


Summary of academic interest:  SSc pathogenesis