Spring Demo Day 2020

An entire semester of time, dedication, and innovation resulted in Demo Day. A shift to an online platform did not stop BU Spark!’s community from attending Demo Day to support our students and their projects. The presence of 185 participants at Demo Day was a touching reminder that the Spark! community remains as strong and as resilient as ever. We thank our BU Spark! Mentors for supporting our students, our project partners for their dedication to their projects, and the entire Boston University community and beyond for your continued engagement and partnership. 

*- Denotes projects who were winners at Demo Day

Innovation Fellow Project Gallery


Piotr Nojszewski, Myles Hayes, Tiam Moradi, Vibhu Bhatia; Max Lexieur, Kaylyn Mok

A commission-free cryptocurrency brokerage using algorithmic trading (already partially built, goal is commercialization

NextChange Website HERE

View NextChange at Demo Day HERE



Charles Ma, Alan Burstein, Rudhra Raveendran, Jinghu Lei, Carolyn Soars

Veri is a modern news platform that provides engaging and balanced perspectives on current issues.

Github HERE

View Veri at Demo Day HERE


Henry Kaufman, Brock Nelson, Mariana Dematte, Grace Hebert

CoStudy is a mobile application for students who are looking to consistently schedule meeting with more than 5 people and are frustrated by their peers who are either non-responsive / overbooked by introducing both an active communication / voting based scheduling system (ultimate goal is commercialization)

CoStudy Website HERE

View CoStudy at Demo Day HERE 



Ivy Chenyao, Lavi Zhao, Eric Chao, Keshav Maheshwari, Seyun Om

A mobile app to help users with disabilities navigate public transportation, by providing comprehensive transit accessibility info and features to aid the physical journey for handicapped, visually impaired, and hearing impaired riders.

Github HERE

View RideFair at Demo Day HERE

Winner: Best Tech


My Science Guide

Norman Toro Vega, Gagandeep Kang; Eunice Choi, Weiqan Zhang

My Science Guide is an innovative platfom connecting STEM mentors and Latinamerican High School students interested in pursuing research and competing in international science competitions.

Sign up to learn more about My Science Guide HERE

Download the beta for iOS through TestFlight HERE

You can follow My Science Guide on Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

View My Science Guide at Demo Day HERE 



Hannah Huang, Zhenghui Wang, Emme Enojado

A web application for high school and college-age LGBTQ+ members in Boston to access queer-friendly mental health resources based on their location, insurance, and preferences.

InRainbows Website HERE
Github HERE

View In Rainbows at Demo Day HERE



Kehan Wang, Yizhou Mao, Naiwen Xu, Nicole Zhao

A WeChat based app for Chinese students to exchange furniture and other college-related items upon arrival and departure from Colleges in the Boston area. 

Github HERE
Prototype HERE

View MAIMAI at Demo Day HERE

Winner: Best Design



Ashley Deshields, Caolan Disini, Brandon Chen, Andres Rodriguez, Sahana Sreeprakash

CareerCabin is a mobile web app looking to disrupt the traditional way of passing resumes at career fairs by cutting “paper” out of the equation and facilitating resumes through QR codes.

Github HERE

View CareerCabin at Demo Day HERE



Ryan Li, Tung Troung; Ben Vu, Nathalie Ye

ExperienceBU aims to address the challenge of finding community at a large University by improving search for events, clubs, and support opportunities

View ExperienceBU at Demo Day HERE 



Xuan Hy Nguyen, Sandra Zhen; Rahul Arasikere; Adarsh, Jaes Kim, Lekhya

A web application research tool helping students and scholars research effectively as well as customizing the way online resources are gathered in a systematic way. 

View BookWorm at Demo Day HERE 

Winner: Best Idea


Practicum Project Gallery


Toluwase Afolayan, Henry Qiu, Philip Huang, Jun HaoLei, Mark White

Feature development for a cross platform mobile app where anyone can rent and host privately owned parking spots.

View Parkaze at Demo Day HERE 


*1984 Generative Graphics 

Benjamin Kilian, Ian Pompilus, and Sumara Ali

A desktop application that enables theater directors to easily create and manage generative graphics that augment actor movements and theater scenes

View 1984 Generative Graphics at Demo Day HERE 

Winner: Most Interesting Tech



Elton Cheung, Jennie Nguyen, Ethan Timoteo, Timothy Choe, Take Numata

Feature development for a Verto’s mobile app – an eCommerce platform for students to buy and sell and manage delivery of their used goods 

View Verto at Demo Day HERE


Clinical Assessment VR App

Elizabeth James, Xuan Hy Nguyen, Min Jia Liu, Usama Ahsan, Noah Naiman

An App that enables faculty to assess the clinical reasoning skills of medical students based on their performance during simulations of interactive patient engagements

View the team at Demo Day HERE



Benjamin Suffin, Tyler Donati, Catherine Kim, James Sweeney, Calvin Pang

Development of a prison video calling feature and ML backed database as part of Ameelio’s ecosystem of prison communications that enables loved ones to communicated with their incarcerated family members. 

View Ameelio at Demo Day HERE



Gabriela Nitorreda, Keshav Maheshwari, Tung Truong

Development of an IOS app to scan court documents and extract data into a database enabling compliance with criminal justice reform priorities of the new DA.

View the Suffolk County DA team at Demo Day HERE