Guided BUying Announcements

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Note: If you had shopper or approver access in SRM, you will have requisitioner or approver access in Guided BUying. If you do not have access and require the role, please reach out to your Department Security Administrator (DSA). If you are not sure who your DSA is, please contact Information Security at

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    System Ambassadors


    With the rollout of Guided BUying, Sourcing & Procurement engaged Requisitioners and Approvers across campus to represent their departments as Guided BUying System Ambassadors. System Ambassadors received additional training and worked with Sourcing & Procurement and Accounts Payable to help identify areas for additional training and communication.


    Please join us in thanking the System Ambassadors for their dedication in helping us bring Guided BUying to the community!


    • Diana Atoui • Shelley Barnes • Mary Dangora
    • Linhares Macdougall Donna • Diane Dougherty • Luke Dwyer
    • Helen Flagg • Montanna Freeman • Michael Garon
    • Anh Huynh • Lisa Hynes • John Imbergamo Jr
    • Edward Jacques • Stephanie Johnson • Melissa Kelly
    • Stephen Macchi • Christina Macdonald • Nicole McCaffrey
    • Karen Molloy • Kathleen Morley • Daniel Quigley
    • Oldeta Shore • Deana Smiljic • Hillary White
    • Sophie Zschirnt





    Sign up for Guided BUying Training here. For more information on navigating Guided BUying including training guides, please visit the How to Place Orders page.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    View Guided BUying Frequently Asked Questions from training here. Further FAQs can be viewed on our FAQs page. If you have additional questions, please submit a ticket to the Financial Affairs Customer Service Portal.