About Daniel

Dr. Daniel Segrè is a Professor of Biology, Biomedical Engineering and Physics at Boston University. He is a core faculty member of the Bioinformatics Program and of the Biological Design Center, and the founding Director of the Boston University Microbiome Initiative. After a Laurea (B.Sc-M.Sc.) in Physics from the University of Trieste, Italy, with a thesis on the theory of elementary particles, Dr. Segrè obtained a Ph.D. in Life Sciences at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, studying prebiotic chemical networks and the origin of life. As a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, and later as a faculty at Boston University, Dr. Segrè has been pursuing a quantitative understanding of metabolism in individual organisms and in ecosystems.

Current Lab Members

Want to join our team?

Feel free to inquire about open positions in the lab. In addition to welcoming graduate students from the Departments of Biology, Biomedical Engineering and Physics, we are part of the  Bioinformatics Program, the Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry (MCBB) Program, and the Training Program in Synthetic Biology & Biotechnology (SB2). Please check with the individual programs’ administrators about the application process, and let us know you applied. For inquiries about postdoctoral positions, email directly to the PI with a CV. We often host also undergraduate students (through UROP, BRITE and other programs), as well as high-school students (including from BUA and the RISE program). Check also our Outreach page!


Jenny Bhatnagar, Boston University

Sarah Davies, Boston University

Kirill Korolev, Boston University

Joseph Larkin, Boston University

Pankaj Mehta, Boston University

Ioannis Paschalidis, Boston University

Daniel Sher, University of Haifa

NSF Center for Chemical Currencies of a Microbial Planet (C-CoMP)

DOE Science Focus Area (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) : Microbial Community Analysis and Functional Evaluation in Soils (m-CAFEs)

NIH National Institute of Aging, Integrative Longevity Omics

Former Lab Members

Name Past position in the lab Position after leaving the lab or Current Position
Qasim Beg Research Scientist Owner/Director Mathnasium of Reading; Microbiology Lecturer at BU
David Bernstein PhD student, Biomedical Engineering Assistant Professor, University of Vermont
Emma Briars Research Assistant, BU Biology (UROP) Computational Biologist at Day Zero Diagnostics
David Byrne Ph.D. Student, BU  Bioinformatics Chief Technology Officer at Pyramid Technology
Hsuan-Chao Chiu Ph.D. Student, BU Bioinformatics Technical manager at MediaTek
Sara Collins Ph.D. Student, BU Bioinformatics Senior Computational Biologist at Alltrna
Ryan Cornelius Master Student, BU Bioinformatics
Demetrius Dimucci Ph.D. Student, BU Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Fellow, Forsyth Institute, Harvard
Marisol Dothard Ph.D. Student, MCBB Doctoral Student, UCSD
Lina Faller Ph.D. Student, BU Bioinformatics Associate Director of Bioinformatics at Korro Bio
Francesco Gatto Exchange Student, University of Padova, Italy Chief Scientific Officer at Elypta
Lili Ge Master Student, BU Bioinformatics
Keegan Go BU Summer Research Internship Program for High School Students Undergrad at Stanford U.
Josh Goldford Ph.D. Student, BU Bioinformatics Physics of Living Systems Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Josh’s web page).
Brian Granger Ph.D. Student, BU Bioinformatics Senior Bioinformaticist at Embark Veterinary
Lan Hu Ph.D. Student, BU Bioinformatics Head of Data Science and Bioinformatics at Viome
Christopher Jacobs Ph.D. Student, BU Bioinformatics Lead Bioinformatician, Tsai Lab, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Anu Jayaraman M.Sc. Student, BU Bioinformatics Senior Software Developer, Biobase
Charles Jo Masters Student, Biomedical Engineering PhD Student, BU
Amrita Kar Ph.D. Student, BU Bioinformatics Senior Data Scientist at Olink Proteomics
Yasin Kaymaz M.Sc. Student, Bioinformatics Program Assistant Professor, Ege University, Turkey
Dileep Kishore Ph.D. student, Bioinformatics Program Postdoc at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Niels Klitgord Ph.D. student, Bioinformatics Program Bioinformatician at Monoceros Biosystems
Wesley Marrero Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Student (winner of 3rd Place Poster Award at UROP symposium) Assistant Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth
Varun Mazumdar Ph.D. student, Bioinformatics Program Principal Scientist, Computational Biology, Seres Therapeutics
Shany Ofaim Postdoctoral Fellow Principal Scientist, Computational Biology at Cultivarium
Alan Pacheco Ph.D. student, Bioinformatics Program, HHMI Gilliam fellow, Ford Fellow Postdoctoral McDonnell fellow, Vorholt Lab, ETH (Alan’s webpage)
Paimon Pakzad BU Summer Research Internship Program for High School Students Software Engineer, Google
Elisabetta Panizzoni Exchange Student, University of Padova, Italy Project Manager, Resyca, Germany
Michael Quintin Ph.D. student, Bioinformatics Program Bioinformatics Scientist, Xbiome
Ed Reznik Ph.D. Student, Biomedical Engineering Principal Investigator, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (Reznik Lab)
William Riehl Ph.D. Student and Posdoctoral Fellow,
Bioinformatics Program
Computer Systems Engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Moritz Schuette Visiting Student, Max Planck Institute Data Scientist, Berlin, Germany
Darshi Shah UROP Undergraduate Student, Biology and Biomedical Engineering MD/MPH Candidate at Stony Brook Medicine
William Erik Sherwood Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for BioDynamics and Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics Principal Scientist at Cirrus Logic
Maddalena Silli Visiting Student, Univ. of Trieste, Italy
Evan Snitkin Ph.D. Student, BU Bioinformatics Associate Professor, U. Michigan (Snitkin Lab)
Arion Stettner Ph.D. Student, BU BME Postdoctoral Fellow, ETH, Zurich
Meghan Thommes Ph.D. Student, BU BME Computational Biologist/Data Scientist, Dyno Therapeutics
Adam Wolberg Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry Physician
Mattia Zampieri Visiting Ph.D. Student, SISSA, Trieste, Italy Junior PI (Oberassistent), Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH, Zurich (Zampieri Lab)
Jin Zhao Visiting graduate student
Summer Zhuang Postdoctoral Fellow
Ali Zomorrodi Postdoctoral Fellow Computational and Systems Biology Lead at Mass General Hospital & Instructor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School (Zomorrodi Lab)