Healthy choices when you can’t be too choosy

Have you eaten at a restaurant without a single appealing healthy choice?
Think of the last party you attended.
How about dinner at your friend’s place.
Did your mood sink along with your plans for healthy eating?

All is not lost because healthy eating is not all-or-nothing.  Use our 1+2+3 Solutions to make any eating occasion healthier.  You just might find yourself looking at things in a different way.

Everyone’s ordering burgers and fries and you want to dig in too?  Check out the side vegetables that come with other options and order a side.  Ask your friends to join you and order a few sides to share.  You’ll be able to take home some of the French fries and enjoy them with another meal.

Use our Healthy Shopping List and stock up on the healthy items you need. They will be on hand to round out other choices. Are chips the usual party fare? You’ll be able to bring some cut vegetables and hummus to share.

Do you really want to enjoy brownies with a friend?  Add some fruit and a glass of milk and savor every bite.

Last but not least, check out Fast Food [link] for fast and healthy offerings along Commonwealth Avenue.

If there truly isn’t a healthy choice where you usually go, it’s time to try someplace new.