Top 5 Ways to Eat Smart

1. Give your brain the steady supply of glucose it needs all day long by including a nutrient-rich carbohydrate source (fruit, vegetable, or whole grain) with your meals and snacks. Their natural fiber package is the original time-release capsule. We’ve made this easy with our 1+2+3 solutions.

2. Balance out the high levels of Omega-6 fats contained in processed foods by adding back brain-healthy Omega-3 fats from fish, seeds and nuts (salmon, sushi, anchovies, sardines, walnuts, flax seed). Read more about Omega-3s in our post all about fats.

3. Adding protein to your meals and snacks will slow down the release of carbohydrate from your stomach and help you maintain even blood sugar for a few hours after eating. For a list of healthy protein options, see our 6 major food groups page.

4. Nothing we eat lasts more than a few hours so it is important to feed your brain a few snacks! We’ve created a list of healthy snacks that will inspire you. Snacking 1+2+3 handout.

5. Paying attention to hunger and fullness is good for your waistline but it is great for your brain! The allure of energy dense foods is irresistible when you’re really hungry but it will just leave you craving more. Smooth out the highs and lows by visiting “Is it hunger…..or something else”.